Conjuring Fate // Nomadus // St Hellfire // Puresonic Outcasts // Live Review // Alexanders Bar // Lisburn

My god, it’s been a long time since there has been a gig on my home turf of Lisburn! And with an already busy night across Northern Ireland for gigs, this fair city was treated by none other than the mighty; Conjuring Fate!
Kicking off the night were Doom four-piece, Puresonic Outcasts. It may have been a difficult task getting people pumped when there weren’t too many people in the room. But the Seahill boys didn’t care, as they ensured every Lisburn fist was raised high. Thundering through tracks off their recent EP, “Endless Contemplation”, the Outcasts’ brought a sound that was both tight and mega beefy!
Up next were a band that is no strangers to these parts… Well… Because they’re from Lisburn! It had been some time since I last saw this rowdy four-piece, and they still delivered as enjoyable set as ever. Boomy with high octane rock n roll. With plenty of bants along the way courtesy of head honcho, Mark Fanjo. Tracks like “I Don’t Care” and “Cheap Fuck” had many bodies up front for a boogie, while the new track “All On Me,” had a very Budgie influence to it. As always, an enjoyable set from them there St. Hellfire hallions!
Coming fresh off the 2022 Metal 2 The Masses finals was one of Belfast’s hottest thrash metal bands; Nomadus. What else can I say about these young lads set, other than HOOOOOOLY SHIIIIT! Nomadus have come a long way with their Machine Head/Gojira-influenced sound, which was tighter than a Ballymena man’s wallet. Riffs? An earth-shaking sound? Yup, this band delivered that and more. All this reviewer could imagine was if Nomadus could bring this level of intensity to Lisburn. Imagine what they could do if they brought it the likes of Bloodstock someday!
Casting their silhouettes across Alexander’s stage, it was time for the men of the hour; Conjuring Fate! These local metal titans blasted their way through a set of pure heavy metal, all while showing off their signature stage antics. From frontman Tommy Daly and guitarist Karl Gibson bouncing off vocal duties to guitarist Phil Horner going for his usual run around the venue.
Their performance had a fine mixture of tracks from both their albums, including “Burn The Witch” and the ever-so-catchy, “House On Haunted Hill.” I will say this though, it was refreshing catching the lads in a more intimate environment in an unknown area for them (minus bassist Steve Legear who is from Lisburn.)
It didn’t matter whether Conjuring Fate was playing a festival or a bar with a couple of people, they will continue to give 110% to each show. And that is what they did here tonight! Let’s hope this isn’t the last I will see of them in my wee home.
I just want to take this time to give a mega shout-out to Mr Phil Horner. Not only had he his Conjuring Fate duties, but he was also a sound, light and smoke machine guy. Hate to think what his step count was after all his running around!
Review & Photography: Marc Leach
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