Sathamel maybe confined to their dark chambers, but they are still working feverishly in the stygian gloom, preparing for the day when they can unleash their fire once more. Keeping their weapons of war sharp and ready they have recorded a guitar playthrough video of the title track from their last release, the war machine that is the Horror Vacui album. The video will give devotees of their wickedness an insight into the sonic sorcery behind this masterful track and a glimpse of the lair where all things Sathamel ferment and fester.

Head to the Sathamel YouTube channel to enter their domain…

Positive reviews and words of praise for Horror Vacui and Sathamel’s live force are still being published. Read these words from the latest supplications…

“…a staggering display of musical muscle and blood…” – ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE
“…simply brilliant and a must listen.” – METAL TEMPLE
“…for any metalhead who has ever even remotely enjoyed black metal…” – THE HOUSE OF PROG

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