CONCILIUM – DESECRATION Portuguese Atmospheric Raw Black/Death Metal Necromancers Reveal Tenebrous Debut Album


Portuguese Atmospheric Raw Black/Death Metal Necromancers Reveal Tenebrous Debut Album – Track Premiered At Last Rites.

We’re excited to join Portuguese atmospheric raw black/death metal necromancers Concilium in the release of their first proper debut album“Desecration”, a churning spectral emanation of total and agonizing death exhaling at the edge of a decaying void. If you ever thought the concept of “depressive”, “sad”, or “atmospheric” war metal was just an abstract thought, please read on….

Like the bastard child of Portal, Beherit, and Black Cilice, “Desecration” levitates from pure darkness with a miasma of tortured lamentations, serpentine whispers and suffocated screams radiating from the innermost depths of torment, while an incessant outflow of sepulchral lo-fi raw black/death metal murk reverberates through the abandoned pits of buried temples and lost sepulchers materializing a truly unsettling and ominous aural nightmare. The band’s masterful texturing of decaying and sulphureous black/death metal with subterranean aphotic atmospheres and a diseased sense of occult ritualism creates a lightless aural twilight that embraces the listener like a disembodied disease, giving away way to a blood-freezing (and at times even moving) out of body experience.

Leading up the release iconic underground metal blog Last Rites has revealed part of the album’s sound via an exclusive premiere of the opening track “From the Chalice”, remarking that the track “is but a gateway to the world of punishing barbaric madness that Concilium have sculpted from the ruins of crumbling nightmares” and that “the record oozes with spiritual, mental, and aural toxicity that will draw plenty of cross-appeal for fans of the suffocating horrorscapes of Portal, the eerie orthodoxy of Deathspell Omega, the twisted brutality of Cryptae, the primitive doom ritualism of Beherit and Void Meditation Cult, and the raw catatonia of Black Cilice and Pa Vesh En – the crude wine that results on Desecration is one that is bitter, intoxicating, and, above all, heavier than sin.” – you can read their full feature and check out the track HERE.

“Desecration” is scheduled to arrive on July 2 2021 on vinyl, cassette tape and digital formats via Sentient Ruin Worldwide, and all formats are now preord-eabale from our Bandcamp and webshop.

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