Commonwealth - 'Everyone Around Me' - Album Review
Commonwealth - 'Everyone Around Me' - Album Review 9
Commonwealth - 'Everyone Around Me' - Album Review 9
Commonwealth - 'Everyone Around Me' - Album Review 9
Commonwealth - 'Everyone Around Me' - Album Review 9
Commonwealth - 'Everyone Around Me' - Album Review 9
9Overall Score
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For lovers of melancholic Alternative infused Rock this is a must, twelve tracks that run through the emotions while keeping it just on the bright side of sombre, a little contradictory you may say but when you listen to the album you will understand exactly what that means.

“Fear” gets proceedings underway with a nice easy beat, strained vocals and a twangy riff, but it is catchy as hell and sets things up nicely. “Lost” has a more upbeat tempo as it starts off; it dips a little in the breakdown but comes back around again, a belter of a track. “Runaway” is one of the best tracks on the album; it has you hooked from the opening note and builds nicely to a crescendo at the chorus before easing off only to ramp back up with a nice subtle drum beat. “Happy” is a really strong tune with a kicking beat, nifty riffs and cracking vocals from Tyler St. Clair. “Fathers” musically sounds like a mash up of Third Eye Blind, The Cure and U2 and strange as it seems it actually works really well, so well it is the best track on the album.

“Taxi” brings a certain calmness to the show as it trundles along nice and easily with a lulling rhythm to it. “Neglect” is an angsty little number that just seems to simmer below the surface, threateningly but never quite boiling over. “Vinyl” offers more of the same but it has a slightly more edgy side to it as St. Clair gives it his all going from almost pleading vocals to plain screaming. “Unbalanced” closes the album out with a slightly melancholic feel but don’t let that deter you as this album gives you something that you know you have been missing




Everyone Around Me is out October 5th Via Sharptone Records



1. Fear 3:05
2. Lost 2:52
3. Runaway 3:51
4. Happy 2:57
5. Fathers 3:31
6. Taxi 2:45
7. Neglect 3:16
8. Vinyl 3:43
9. Reckless 3:07
10. Wilt 4:18
11. Unbalanced 4:18



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