Comeback Kid // Heavy Steps // Album Review


Since their inception in 2002 Comeback Kid have been road dogs & one of the most hard working bands within the hardcore scene.

“Turn It Around” & “Wake The Dead” now classic albums in the band’s history have cemented the canadian natives & showed with perseverance a hardcore band can stay relevant even in the fickle musical landscape to this day.

“Heavy Steps” the bands latest release saw them return to record with John Paul Peters who helmed the knobs on “Turn It Around” with producer extraordinaire Will Putney.

One thing I will get with a Comeback Kid album is consistency.

And I’m so happy to say “Heavy Steps” is one of the band’s best albums. Now I know a lot of OG fans of the band will hold dear the first few records of a bands legacy but “Heavy Steps” shows that as a band each record the group have been slowly turning the dial one notch higher.

Just from the opening track & one of the early singles “Heavy Steps” is the perfect opener for a record. Having already released the track it’s a comforting way to be eased into the album.

But from the first punch of the bass guitar tone which is chunky & heavy as hell, the guitars ring with feedback before the riff is introduced.

“HEAVY STEPS ON HOLLOW GROUND…” Andrew Neufeld screams as the whole band erupts into a great simple groove that drives the verses sections of the track before the band picks it up into a brilliant sing along chorus.  One of the band’s strengths are writing choruses that translate to the live space for hundreds of pissed off fans to sing along.

“No Easy Way Out” keeps the momentum going, a fast paced banger that keeps your pulse high. Still keeping the groove & bounce in the guitar writing. Throughout the album Comeback Kid has kept a high level of memorable moments & all the tracks could honestly stand up as singles they are that good! This track also has one the best build ups to a closing section! Fast & heavy just how I like it.

The third track “Face The Fire” showcases one of the strongest assets of the album. Drummer Loren Legare & bassist Chase Brenneman

Not only on this track but the whole album they are locked in together & are the driving force of the songs start to finish. Both have thick & punchy tones that keep the album somewhat tribal.

The track also shows the other side of the band, the straight up punk they add to their sound. Still with a thick metallic edge but pushing the pace even more. Circle pit territory!

Now here comes one of two tracks on this album I adore & have become tracks I have on repeat in the gym ha. The first being “Crossed”.

Opening with a breakneck riff from guitarists Jeremy Hiebert & Stu Ross who rule this song. Mixing epic riffing the wouldnt go unnoticed at say Wacken or another euro metal fest but on the flip side keeping the track fast & precise in the punk world.

Also the band do something brilliant in the track & also on the next track “Everything Relates”. Where most hardcore bands have guest spots on the album and leave the guest vocalists for the later half of the song Comeback Kid have used Joe Duplantier (Gojira) & JJ (Deez Nuts) vocals as a contextual element. Thickening out already heavy choruses to create a monolith of power.

Now we get to “True To Form” , my second favourite track on “Heavy Steps”. Now someone might argue this track is one of more “simple” tracks on the album. And I would say that’s why it’s perfect.

Giving me huge Madball & Leeway vibes this track is a true blueprint for a newer generation to learn what the core of hardcore is ha.

A fast pace, pissed off track only under three minutes long but that’s why it packs such a punch. I can’t wait to see this one live.

“Menacing Weight” the last track on the album might be the curtain call but no way does it wain, This whole album from the opening note is non stop & a new pillar within Comeback Kids discography that I know will stand the test of time.

Joseph Mitchell

Heavy Steps is out via Nuclear Blast Records on 21st January 2022

Track Listing:

01. Heavy Steps

02. No Easy Way Out

03. Face The Fire

04. Crossed ft. Joe Duplantier

05. Everything Relates ft. JJ

06. Dead On The Fence

07. Shadow of Doubt

08. True To Form

09. Inbetween

10. Standstill

11. Menacing Weight

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