Come Clean Sign with Standby Records

Enter To Win The Band’s Gear and More By Pre-Saving New EP ‘From Down The Street’ on Spotify

EP out December 7th

come clean

Greensboro, NC pop punk band Come Clean has signed with Standby Records and will release a new EP titled ‘From Down The Street’ on December 7th.

As part of the lead up to the release of the EP, Come Clean and Standby are offering fans a chance to win gear + signed, handwritten lyrics by pre-saving the new EP on Spotify.

Enter to win at:

Formed in February of 2016, Come Clean is the product of the anger and frustrations left in the aftermath of a failed relationship paired with inspiration brought on by a 2015 Warped Tour set from a broke but passionate Trophy Eyes.

Rob Hendley later teamed up with long-time friend and drummer, Dallas Hunt to begin work on the project. With a short run of trial and error, and with the help of Craigslist, the two came across bassist and singer Zac Gardner, a recent transplant from Atlanta who was in search of a new musical outlet and looking to make some friends.

The direct songwriting influences of Tom Delonge and John Floreani drove Hendley in the formation of this band, as well as the overall content of their music.

Hendley, Gardner, and Hunt began work and quickly turned out a grouping of songs that were later slimmed down and evolved into the band’s debut EP, “Won’t Wait.” That collection of songs touched on the self-doubt and loneliness accumulated through an unsuccessful relationship, and the emotions brought on from the process of disconnecting from someone you used to care for.

It’s an example of Hendley’s early writing style with simple, heavy chords and fast picking leads, with the overall theme of not waiting for a toxic relationship to get better. Since the release of “Won’t Wait,” the band has steadily grown its following by touring and playing shows across the southeastern region of the US.

This winter, the band will be releasing their sophomore EP, “From Down the Street,” which is a direct follow-up of the thematic elements in their debut EP.

The songs address the coping and moving forward from bad relationships as well as the need and support of good friends during those times. “From Down the Street” exhibits greater intricacies and styling that stem from their confidence and growth as songwriters and exposure to the music scene, all the while keeping with the tone of Come Clean’s early sound.

The EP title pays homage to this growth as a band, since it is common for lead singer Gardner to introduce the band as “We’re Come Clean, from down the street,” even if they’re far from home.

Looking forward, Come Clean continues to travel and write music based on personal experiences that are relatable to people on a deeper level, all the while maintaining the high tempo and melodic sound that defines pop-punk. Their music is continuing to evolve in its complexity while lyrically reflecting the happier times of loving relationships and the moving forward in pursuit of personal goals in life.

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