Colpocleisis // Human Dignity Violated // EP Release
Colpocleisis // Human Dignity Violated // EP Release9
Colpocleisis // Human Dignity Violated // EP Release9
Colpocleisis // Human Dignity Violated // EP Release9
Colpocleisis // Human Dignity Violated // EP Release9
Colpocleisis // Human Dignity Violated // EP Release9
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In 2014 Colpocleisis formed in Liverpool, England and by 2015 a Promo CD released, and distributed worldwide. In 2016 Joe Mortimer (Crepitation, Neuroma, Cancerous Womb) joined on bass 2017, and the debut album, ‘Fallopian Fallout’ was released on Inherited Suffering Records in 2018.  Lewis Candlin (Chainsaw Castration, Pivorapist, Gorehead) and Jon Burr (Omnipotent Hysteria) joined the band on drums and vocals respectively in 2019 and Colpocleisis successfully toured Europe with 7 H.Target and Putrid Womb, picking up rave reviews at Holsteiner Deathfest, Rennes Slam Fest, and Nice to Eat You Deathfest. The pre-production for an upcoming CD was recorded and was closely followed by a UK tour with Hate Diplomacy 2020.

This three-track EP spans 7 minutes of utter comedic chaos as the band splurges their Brutal Death Metal in the most outrageous ways imaginable. As the deep and disturbing music begins with its filthy chugs, the guttural vocal begins its verbal waffle and the drums start their punishing assault. The slam hits hard as the opening track ‘Third Degree Gurns’ progresses and the intensity never ceases.

As ‘Masturbational Burnout’ takes over the baton, the sound continues its bass-driven, steady and purposeful stomp whilst also including the odd Technical aspect and the vocal growl continues the abrasive sound.

Closing the EP is ‘Slovakian Road Cone’ a track that continues both the humor based underbelly and the sound that makes you question your life choices, as the band repeatedly slap you around the face and go for the throat, the question you have to ask yourself is do you enjoy this as much as me?

The blend of brutality and lack of seriousness is something that works very well together and a lot of the time is something missed by the majority, however, Colpocleisis firmly have the head of the nail hit. This EP will carry most over until a new album and if its anything like this then I can’t wait.

Ed Ford


Human Dignity Violated is out now on Realityfade Records.


Track List

  1. Third Degree Gurns
  2. Masturbational Burnout
  3. Slovakian Road Cone




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