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When it comes to flat out, down ‘n’ dirty rock and roll Collateral are the real deal. 

They have been plying their trade up and down the country for a couple of years now and in the process have honed and perfected the essence of a great hard rock band. This LP is a culmination of all the hard work and determination these guys have put in. Bitchin’ guitar work, balls-out attitude, and solid songwriting have forged a reputation far and wide as one of the bands of the moment riding the crest of a wave right now with an 80’s Metal revival. 2020 is going to be the year for big hair, big personalities and even bigger guitar solos and Collateral have it all in abundance! Planet Rock fav’s you can hear their latest single ‘Merry Go Round’ on the airwaves daily as their fanbase grows. 

Collateral teased us with a short and sweet EP 4 Shots to whet the appetite but this time they’re taking no prisoners with a nine-track beast that takes the breath away.

“We wanted to stay away from the normal rules that apply to what you can and cannot put on an album,” says frontman Angelo Tristan. That definitely shows as the LP combines a number of styles but yet remains rooted in solid riffs, outstanding vocals, and maturity in the lyrical content. These guys know how to write a fantastic song …

This LP is one of those that fits in perfectly with a long road trip with catchy tunes blasting from the stereo. Something that strikes here is that often when we have seen a band touring so much the first LP often disappoints only because somehow the live show is not transferred into the studio sound … for Collateral this is simply not true, they have taken their time to bottle all that live energy and release it into the studio.

What you get here is 9 tracks combining the best of ’80s tinged rock ‘n’ roll and modern country rock with a quality beyond their years. 

Collateral drop their debut full-length album Friday, Feb 21st via Roulette Media Records


Review: Mark Ellis


PHIL X & THE DRILLS have announced UK tour dates in March, with Collateral confirmed as support.

3rd March Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
4th March The Fleece, Bristol
6th March The Underworld, Camden, London
7th March Rebellion, Manchester
9th March King Tuts, Glasgow
10th March The Caves, Edinburgh
11th March O2 Academy2 Liverpool
12th March O2 Academy3 Birmingham



Collateral’s front man, Angelo Tristan, breaks down the songs on the new album track by track

  1. MR. BIG SHOT This was one of those songs that really grew into something it was never intended to be. What started out as something that was supposed to mock the way we see ourselves; ended up being such a heavy gritty song that really held its own when it came to narrowing stuff down to go on the album. Mr Big Shot started out as a bit of an inside joke, because that’s what people assume you think of yourself when you’re in a band. But we took that vibe, turned it into something fun, charming and full of innuendos. 
  2. PROMISELAND This one really meant something to us. Sometimes as a songwriter, you write about a subject that you hold particularly close to your heart. The state of the music industry is something that we all have worries about. Music venues are closing, people singing songs that they didn’t write or don’t understand. It’s as if everyone is scared to be themselves. Coincidentally, one of the lyrics is “Tearing down the Borderline.” A month after we wrote it, the Borderline venue in London announced they were closing. 
  3. MERRY-GO-ROUND Collectively, when this song was written, the band had some stuff going on. When it never rains, it pours. We wanted to write something that not only made our listeners feel like they could get through whatever life was throwing their way, but also that we are all going through it with them, too. It’s a keep-on-keeping- on kind of track. 
  4. IN IT FOR LOVE This one is amongst the first few songs I ever wrote. That was twelve years ago, and it has changed so much, it’s almost like when you bump into an old school friend and catch up over a beer, and you’re like, “Wow, I’m so glad to see you doing so well man!” We changed the song so much from the initial laid-back, carefree track that it was, we changed the tempo in the choruses because well, why not?! It really changed the vibe of the song and from there with Ben smashing it on drums it just became a bit of a revolution. 
  5. LULLABY This track really laid the foundations for the album, it was written at a time where certain members that are no longer with us, really weren’t giving it their all. We were frustrated and really just wanted to write something four on the floor, hard hitting with bad-ass angry riffs that would get crowds singing along. It’s from the same vein as Promised Land, but except from a first-person perspective which also added a new angle and diversity to the way we write which is always interesting. 
  6. MIDNIGHT QUEEN I remember wanting to write something to help a close friend who had gone through a bad relationship and she needed to know she’d done the right thing by walking away. We’ve all been there, and sometimes the right thing is the hardest thing. But having something upbeat to listen to when you’re going through that can make a difference. Being influenced by The Eagles, it was the first song where we really explored that country rock vibe and really ran with it. 
  7. GET BACK TO YOU The inspiration is pretty obvious. I miss both my girls so much when I’m away and it does feel like an endless run of beds that aren’t your own and places that are unfamiliar. Ask anyone, when you’re away, the thought of getting back home is what gets you through. Being heavily influenced by Bon Jovi as you may or may not have heard; I wanted to have an “Always” under our belts for when the heavens open midway through a concert; we want to get those lighters in the air! 
  8. WON’T STOP ME DREAMING This song evolved so much within its first stages it ended up as three different tracks split up in the end. We had so much fun writing it. We joked that it was a chorus generator, we came up with so many different choruses off the back of the verses in this song. It’s probably the most pop rock song on the album. The initial inspiration for this song came from us reading a review of one of our shows where the guy said something like, “I’ve seen it all before.” We just decided to have a little bit of fun with that. 
  9. ABOUT THIS BOY This song took a long time to write because it was personal. Writing songs, regardless of their content, can be as if you are tearing your heart out and painting a canvas for everyone to see the way you really are. For a longtime this track was an unfinished sketch. I just couldn’t figure out where I wanted to go with it. Eventually it wrote itself, it couldn’t be forced. It was autobiographical. As a child, I’d listen to my Mum singing to the Dixie Chicks whilst she was cooking or cleaning. The music shaped me, not only as a musician, but also as a human being. I wanted to express that in this song. For me it was all about going back to my roots and self-reflecting on what was important in my life.

British four-piece rock band Collateral are set to release their highly anticipated eponymous debut album on February 21, 2020. The album is released by Roulette Media Records and distributed worldwide through Cargo and available for order from:

COLLATERAL ONLINE Official Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | YouTube 

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