Collateral - 4 Shots - EP Review
Collateral - 4 Shots - EP Review 8
Collateral - 4 Shots - EP Review 8
Collateral - 4 Shots - EP Review 8
Collateral - 4 Shots - EP Review 8
Collateral - 4 Shots - EP Review 8
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Collateral dropped their short but sweet Four Track EP 4 Shots just last week, but are already making waves for themselves across the UK. Not surprisingly as you delve into this well written and beautifully executed debut from this sharp quartet.

It is a window onto the world of 80’s Classic Rock when the Sunset Strip was the place to be and Rock ruled the world, bands like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard , Motley Crue and Whitesnake were king and big hair was the name of the game. From the off this EP just envelopes you in the finest Rock money can buy, with polished song writing and catchy melodies you can’t ignore Collateral.

‘Going With The Wind’ kicks off and immediately pulls you into it’s nostalgic magic, great composition and addictive hooks have you warbling along with the EP from the off, lighters in the air or air guitar, whatever your fancy 4 Shots has it all.

A fine debut and no doubt just the beginning for these talented lads, you better get used to the name, Collateral are here to stay.

4 Shots is available now on all platforms via Roulette Records and is well worth checking out.

Track Listing:

Going With The Wind

Midnight Queen

Angels Crying

Just Waiting For You



Angelo Tristan
Lead Vocals, Guitar

Todd Winger

Jack Bentley Smith

Ben Atkinson



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