Cold Years // Paradise // Album Review

Scottish five-piece Cold Years drop their debut album Paradise today and it has been a long time coming, highly anticipated Cold Years have been gaining traction on the run-up to this release with their easy on the ear riffage and insightful storytelling approach to their songwriting. if you’re a fan of the likes of Deaf Havana then Cold Years will be for you. 

Right, from the off you can hear the quality behind it all, luring you into a false sense of security with an acoustic opening before the slamming guitars kick in with the album opener ’31’. It doesn’t stop there, ‘Life With A View’ is another stormer that you know will translate beautifully live, a real high energy, in your face banger of a track that will have fans screaming the lyrics in unison when we get back in front of a live stage! Born and raised in Aberdeen the guys wax lyrical about the struggle of living in a “S***hole’ like Aberdeen, but clearly the journey has produced the desire to vacate the city through their songs and the dreams and aspirations that pour out through their lyrics. “Our hometown is a shithole,” Ross spits, with characteristically direct candor. “The album is called Paradise because Aberdeen is definitely not a paradise. It’s horrible, it’s grey and it’s cold all the time. We all live and work here, and it’s not very happy, really. It’s quite morbid when you stop to think about it. But at the same time, it’s home. ”There’s an ongoing narrative about how fucked everything is at the moment,” he says of the thread that ties otherwise disparate themes together, whittled down, he estimates, from an initial 60 songs. “It links everything really, not just purely politics. It’s linked to the economy, to drugs and alcohol, and what our generation is going through right now. You work hard in school, you train for your career and you try to like succeed at it, but the reality is that none of it really fucking matters. It’s a record that’s angry because as a generation we feel like we’ve been sold short.”

There is a certain charm to their struggles, a relatable reality that we have all been through and they are so eloquently translated through the angst and attitude contained in these thirteen songs. They ebb and flow across the album that before you know it you are racing towards the finale. Right across this recording, the caliber of songwriting does not drop, clearly it was a well thought out album and must have proved a challenge whittling down their selection to just thirteen tracks and these guys have it in droves. From start to finish Paradise does not disappoint, an absolute banger of an album you will not be disappointed, an old fashioned singer-songwriters Rock album where the melody is king. 

One of the highlights of 2020 so far Paradise is an absolute must, out today via eOne / Inside Job records. 


Paradise Tracklist:

  Life With A View 
  Night Like This 
  Northern Blues 
  The Waits 
  Burn The House Down 
  Too Far Gone 
  Hold On 
  62 (My Generation’s Falling Apart) 


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