Coilguns – Swiss Noise-Rock Collective Reveal New Song “Burrows”

Coilguns – Swiss Noise-Rock Collective Reveal New Song “Burrows” 
Swiss noise-rock collective Coilguns have recently revealed a brand-new track from their new 12-inch single “Shunners/Burrows”, which is set for release on November 26th via guitarist Jona Nido’s own label, Hummus Records.

Listen to “Burrows” here.

If you missed it, the video for new track “Shunners” is still playing at this location.

This new effort is part of a new collection of 12-inch vinyl singles from Coilguns own label Hummus Records. The “Hummus 12″ Maxi Collection” is pressed on transparent or transparent coloured vinyl only. The record is housed in a picture disc style cover sleeve with minimalist graphic design. Side A of the vinyl has music while side B has an original drawing from Noé Cauderay screen printed in La Chaux-de-Fonds by Out of Gas. Pre-orders are now available here.

Coilguns are about to start the production of their fourth studio album and won’t be touring in 2022, but have planned some selected dates for December in Germany, check the full itinerary below:
Dec. 2nd – Zürich (CH) @ Bogen F
Dec. 3rd – Bregenz (AT) @ Between
Dec. 4th – Salzburg (AT) @ Dome of Rock Festival
Dec. 5th – Münich (D) @ Import-Export

Coilguns is one of the proud flag holders of the 2.0 DIY scene since 2011. The band counts a total of four ep’s and three full-length albums. Its history is deeply bound to the development of guitarist Jona Nido’s own label – Hummus Records – that gathers up to now more than a hundred releases including all Coilguns discography. Their music has always been recorded live and uncut, generally written and recorded on the spot.

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