Codice EGO release ‘Errors And Repairs – track 2 in dark narrative






“If you enjoy layered music, both in the sense of the production

of a track but also the meaning behind a song, [Codice EGO] is for you”

– Gigwise Magazine

Italian alt-rock act Codice EGO have unleashed their second single from the upcoming Rainbow’s End EP, the trance inducing ‘Errors And Repairs’. Once again mixed by Hugo Nicolson (Bjork, Primal Scream, Radiohead) and featuring new singer Giulia Oddi, the single is a follow up from ‘Rainbow’s End’, which debuted the bands new sound and, for the first time, live vocals.

Narratively, this single marks part two of band member Dario Pelizzari’s journey through a mysterious illness that came during (but unrelated to) the COVID pandemic. Reaching for themes of resilience, ‘Errors & Repairs’ portrays Dario’s realisation that we must have the strength to make positive changes in our lives as soon as the needed arises, or forever be stuck in a limbo of fear and insecurity.

‘Errors & Repairs’ continues the departure from the bands original sound for which ‘Rainbow’s End’ laid the foundations. The experimental nature of this second single dives into atmospheric soundscapes, breakbeat drum patterns, and electronic-inspired textures, as the band incorporates elements of trip-hop, industrial, and drone. The band excel at creating a sound that is both haunting and beautiful, with ethereal vocals overlaid with shoegaze- guitars, awash with delay and discordance.

“Definitely one for fans of industrial rock”

– Notion Magazine’s Undiscovered

With the success of their first single ‘Rainbow’s End’ Codice EGO are quickly establishing themselves as purveyors of innovative and boundary-pushing music. Their decision to include a vocalist in this new incarnation has allowed them to infuse their songs with even more emotion and intensity.

The lyrics throughout the upcoming EP were co-authored by famed Italian author and poet Luca Ragagnin, whose work with bands such as Delta V and Subsonica is greatly admired by Dario and the other band members. Codice EGO embrace inspirations from a diverse range of sources – from science fiction movies to comic books – and have created something dramatic and narrative-driven for the EP, with Dario comparing his situation at the time to “the character of a post-apocalyptic wanderer, travelling through a desolate wasteland in search of meaning in a world where everything has been lost”.

In a thematic continuance, the video for ‘Errors And Repairs’ is another dramatic, saturated greyscale visual, this time portraying anxiety inducing scenes of the band playing live with lesions strewn across their bodies. The atmosphere created, whilst unsettling and eerie, is captivating; it lays a visual stage for Codice EGO to showcase their raw emotional depth through disorienting camera transitions, and compounds the unsettling tone of the music.


Once again working with director Luca Marinuzzi, Dario comments that the inspiration for the ‘Errors And Repiars’ video “was born on a cold day, poor in hopes and illusions. Outside, the pandemic covered homes with inches of fear and suspicion. Inside there was nothing more, but to defend and to wait. It is the second stage of a journey that began with Rainbows’end and which will probably lead to the certainty that today ‘it’s not so cold anymore’.”


The band will also head to London for their first ever UK show at Paperdress Vintage in Hackney on 2nd May 2023. The show will see the band play their full EP live, and feature an extended live line up including Giulia Oddi on vocals.

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