Release Info:
Release Date – 13 April 2019
Format – Vinyl, CD, Digital
Running Time – 4 tracks, 52 minutes (Digital version); 5 tracks, 74 minutes (Vinyl comes with a bonus track)
Label – Vinyl co-release by Hand of Doom Records & Narshardaa Records

Band and Album Bio:

Birthed in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, the post-metal trio codeia began pursuing their craft of far-reaching musical movements with an eye for songwriting in 2016. Since then, the collective conscious of the three members have proven their knack for natural and seamless compositional progression with “don’t be afraid”, she whispered and disappeared and as he turned back towards the eye of the storm, two albums that together form a united opus between the band. Both albums showcase the power codeia has in creating engrossing, long-form musical passages, and while their sound nests in the territories of Neurosis, Isis, Rosetta, and Cult of Luna, they fly with wings of their own.
Picking up on the very note their debut album ended with, as he turned back to the eye of the storm is a testament to the past as well as a staple of progression. Their latest album still sees post-metal as a foundational vessel, but the songs flow through a multitude of sonic pallets, shifting expectations without fear or relent. Using themes and concepts from their first album, codeia created a series of collective works comparative to a book series, scattered with chapters highlighting the breadth of the band’s pool of influences. The opening track “canon of echoes” begins with calmer shades of ambient before picking up with darkened doom-filled chords and harrowing vocals, all before the pandemonic apex of flurrying blast-beats and the eventual comedown to crestfallen melodies, which more than accentuates the dynamic force codeia has to offer.
as he turned back to the eye of the storm is filled with moments like this, proving the notion that perhaps it is better not to expect anything from a band that defines change as being integral to the identity of their music. The shared existence of both albums is a unique journey that diverts perspectives as well as musical landscape, finding codeia in a small category of bands that can offer something this grand in scale. The trio have built an immersive world shaped around their musical output, digging inwards for collective discovery and pushing outwards for further influences and genres to achieve the sound they desire. With each release building upon the nature of the previous, it is hard to imagine a ceiling to what codeia are capable of.
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