Code Orange // Under The Skin // Album Review
Code Orange // Under The Skin // Album Review10
Code Orange // Under The Skin // Album Review10
Code Orange // Under The Skin // Album Review10
Code Orange // Under The Skin // Album Review10
Code Orange // Under The Skin // Album Review10
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Having formed in 2008 under the name of Code Orange Kids, the band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania set about playing Punk and by 2012 they started to morph into a less genre friendly-sounding band as they released Love is Love/Return to Dust in 2012 which led to touring with the likes of Terror and LetLive.

I Am King was the first album under the shortened name, as the new era for the band began with heavier musical aspects and less mainstream sounds being utilized. I Am King was released in 2014 and followed by tours with Killswitch Engage and Twitching Tongues. 2017 saw the release of Forever which also saw them work with WWE NXT and led to working with superstars Aleister Black and Bray Wyatt before Underneath was released in March of this year. 

On July 30th 2020 Code Orange did a Twitch stream of a stripped-down version of some of their songs and compared it to the kind that once would have been under the MTV Unplugged heading that was watched by around 13,000 people at the same time. Now, this performance is being released digitally for everyone to either enjoy again or marvel in the wonder for the first time.

Kicking off with ‘bleeding in the blur’ the acoustic guitar sounds chunky and the as impactive as ever, and the vocal that is as vulnerable as ever, sounds perfectly bare. This is a side of the band that maybe we never expected to hear, however is an incredible dimension to this polarising band.

As the album continues, you continue to be blown away by just how powerful the stripped-back sound can feel, as the band continues to include some digitizing effects, however the back to basics approach is stunning and the cover of ‘down in a hole’ by Alice In Chains is mind-blowing.

This collection of 14 tracks will no stop to amaze even the most seasoned of Code Orange fans and maybe makes their appeal even stronger as they lay in their most basic form for everyone to hear and see. The sound is perfect and the band has managed to take the stripped-back album and elevate it beyond anything before. Under The Skin is enchanting from the beginning and will have you under its spell as you keep pressing play to ear this masterpiece over and over again.


Ed Ford


Under The Skin is released Friday 4th September 2020 via Roadrunner Records



Bleeding in the blur

Who I am

Autumn + carbine



Only one


Down in a hole


Dreams 1+2


Sulphur surrounding

Under the skin

Hurt 3



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