CODA FACTO Drop New Track – “Rock ‘N’ Roll Sounds”

Will I remain true to myself as I achieve my goals?
Why am I consumed by music and writing lyrical stories?
Will the ones I love understand me for who I am? Do I?
These were the questions that I asked myself at the time of writing “Rock ‘N’ Roll Sounds,” a song that was born out of watching the beautiful synergy of life and death captured in Freddie Mercury’s 1985 Live Aid performance with Queen.
This song is intended to define a perspective that people may overlook. It is a reflection of the self-sacrifice, internal struggle, and gratification that comes with being an artist.
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Artists make sacrifices and compromises in pursuit of clarity and purpose. It is important to stay true to oneself and one’s vision. Not everyone is going to fully understand their own choices and pursuits, let alone those of others.
Rock ‘N’ Roll Sounds” is a reminder to all of us that a lack of clarity does not equal a lack of love.
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