Clutch // Weatherman Vault Series Vol 1 // Album Review

In the summer of  2019  Weathermaker Music began to release digital singles from Clutch. The singles have been released under the header of ‘The Weathermaker Vault Series’ and the first set of songs will have now been released as an LP – ‘The Weathermaker Vault Series Vol. 1’

Ten songs now form the tracklist on the album. The tunes include classic Clutch songs re-worked alongside some seriously well-crafted cover versions 

Opening with a collaboration with touring partners “Lamb of God” …‘Passive Restraints’ is a full-on sonic assault that sets the scene for what is an absolutely fabulous album. A reworking of the 2007 tune ‘Electric Worry’ shows the maturity in production and arrangement that we have seen from Clutch in recent releases. 

As we move to the covers we see the band adding their musicality and drive to some classic old tunes .. The “John Barleycorn” Poem provides the band with a perfect lyrical soundscape to hang their musicality on. Willie Dixons,”Evil” gets the full-on driving Clutch treatment and so the covers continue. For me “Fortunate Son” is a masterpiece of a cover that has stood out for a good while now. 

Further re-workings of tracks such as “Smoke Banshee”, “Supergrass” and “Willie Dixon” wrap up the LP in a neat package. 

A sonic triumph from a band who seem to do no wrong at present and long may that continue.

Weathermaker Vault Series 1 is out now on Weathermaker Records.


Review: Mark Ellis

“The Weathermaker Vault Series Vol. 1” Track listing:
  • Passive Restraints.
  • Electric Worry.
  • Run, John Barleycorn, Run.
  • Evil.
  • Fortunate Son.
  • Algo Ha Cambiado.
  • Spacegrass.
  • Precious and Grace.

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