Cirkeln – Swedish Epic Black-Metal Act Reveal New Track “Natassja”

Swedish epic black-metal artist Cirkeln has just shared a new track off his second full-length “A Song To Sorrow”, which is scheduled for release on March 25th via True Cult Records.

Titled “Natassja”, this new track is now playing at Heavy Blog Is Heavy, who commented “…the music itself is excellent, channeling just the right balance of aggression, dramatic grandiosity, and melancholy.”

Listen to “Natassja” here.

Influenced by the primordial years of black-metal, this solo project created by Våndarr essentially wants to carry on the legacy of legendary artists like VenomCeltic Frost and Bathory by forging an epic and trad black-metal that is equally haunting, frantic, and majestic.

Having released one demo, one EP “Stormlander” and one full-length album “Kingdoms That No One Remembers” in the last three years, Våndarr have been extremely creative and is now ready to present his second album “A Song To Sorrow”, a wonderfully majestic, epic and trad-driven black-metal album that explores the mythological world of Tolkien and Moorcock.
Pre-orders are now available at this location.

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