Circle Of Dust Announces Release Of 25th Anniversary Edition Debut Album

Circle Of Dust Announces Release Of
25th Anniversary Edition Debut Album

Album Out October 1st, Pre-Order Now
Los Angeles, California – This is it: the definitive edition of the iconic self-titled Circle of Dust album arrives October 1st, 2021, available for digital and digipack CD pre-order now, along with a series of new merch items and bundles. The album that started Circle of Dust mastermind Klayton’s career ultimately built the foundation which led to his success as Celldweller and Scandroid. Now fans of all his work over the past 25+ years can enjoy his original debut album as Circle of Dust with fully updated mixes for the modern era along with fresh artwork. The 25th Anniversary Edition is a must-hear offering that connects past and present in one stunning release.

“It’s still amazing to me that after 25 years, I was able to resurrect and reconnect the original hardware and MIDI from the debut Circle of Dust album and finally make the original songs sound the way I wished I could have made them sound in the ‘90s. Using only the original recordings and programming, combined with 25 years of things I’ve learned about production, the 25th Anniversary Edition has become the definitive version of this album as I originally intended it to be.

Seeing all your positive comments along the way as the singles were being released made me even more excited to bring the original album to a new level. Now you can sit back, listen to the album in it’s entirety and hear things you’ve never heard before. Enjoy the ride!” – Klayton (Circle Of Dust)

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Pulling the intense industrial percussion and powerful guitar chords of the original into the present with an all-new mix, the 25th Anniversary Edition of “Parasite” is the definitive version of this classic Circle of Dust track. Circle Of Dust 25th Anniversary Edition is available for pre-order from independent electronic rock label FiXT Radium.

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About Circle of Dust

Circle of Dust, the 90s industrial / electronic-rock project created by visionary artist/producer Klayton, marked the beginning of the musical career of the man who later went on to create independent success as Celldweller, as well as forming his own label – FIXT. Along with four full-length Circle of Dust albums in the ’90s (Circle of DustBrainchildMetamorphosisDisengage), Klayton created a side-project under the name Argyle Park, which featured a vast collection of guest collaborators, including Tommy Victor of Prong, J.G. Thirlwell of Foetus and Mark Salomon (Stavesacre/Crucified).

Locked away collecting “dust” for 20+ years, the rights to the Circle of Dust & Argyle Park albums were unavailable to Klayton as the original labels they were signed to shut down in the mid-90s. After 2 decades of pursuing a deal to regain ownership of the albums, Klayton was finally able to reclaim the rights in 2015.

Circle of Dust made its triumphant return in 2016 as Klayton regained control of the entire Circle of Dust catalog, re-releasing each album (Self-TitledBrainchildMetamorphosisDisengage, and beloved side-project Argyle Park) with remastered audio and completely re-imagined art. Later the same year, with the project fully resurrected, the new album Machines of Our Disgrace was released followed by a feature-length documentary, Full Circle: The Birth, Death & Rebirth of Circle of Dust, and full-length remix album alt_Machines in 2018.

In 2020, Circle of Dust began releasing a 25th Anniversary Edition of the 1995 self-titled debut album, featuring all-new mixes resurrected on original gear with separate audio tracks for the first time in over 20 years. Each release from the album has received new remixes from modern artists such as Fury Weekend, Soul Extract, Rabbit Junk, Cyanotic, and FreqGen. 2021 kicked off with an updated version of “Twisted Reality” along with a cinematic remix from Void Chapter. The complete 25th Anniversary Edition releases October 1st, 2021.

About FiXT 

FiXT is an internationally recognized, 100% independent artist-owned record and publishing company, founded in 2006 by artist/producer Klayton (CelldwellerScandroidCircle of Dust). FiXT’s mission is to deliver world class music, label services, customer service, and fan experiences, connecting artists to global audiences. FiXT operates 3 label divisions across various genre segments, FiXT RadiumFiXT Neon, and FiXT Noir.

FiXT Radium is the company’s rock/metal division featuring the artists The AlgorithmThe AnixBeckoCelldwellerCircle of DustDaedricFight The FadeI Will Never Be The SameNitrovertsNUTRONICRaizerRichy NixSeething AkiraSoul ExtractVoicians, and Void Chapter.

FiXT Neon is the company’s synthwave, indie pop and chillwave division featuring the artists Ace MarinoThe Bad DreamersCassetterDEADLIFEEssengerFreqGenFury WeekendLeBrockMega Drive,
Moonrunner83Nouveau ArcadeOVRGRWNPolyarkPRIZMScandroidSignal Void, and Young Medicine.

FiXT Noir is the company’s EDM division featuring releases from CelldwellerToronto Is BrokenBiometrixTeddy KillerzKJ SawkaBeckoAktiveTenebraxGlacierElliot BergerSocial KidBVLVNCEZardonicBlossoEveren MaxwellSimilar OutskirtsTadeuszEverything Must GoA_RivalToo KindIan SnowTottoDeuce & ChargerPunkerGazzFoxhuntMatt NeuxNatty CampbellKillin VoidAsteroid AfterpartyKYBTimianNeddieMattshNVFNALShaded GrainsOnly Kidding, and more.

FiXT’s catalog of music has garnered over 2.5 billion online streams connecting with a core audience of gamers, sci-fi enthusiasts, and comic book fans and serves a worldwide fanbase in over 150 countries, reaching millions of listeners each month.

FiXT’s catalog has received over 1,000 Film/TV/Video Game and advertising sync placements, including: WestworldPower RangersLexusToyotaSuicide SquadIron ManRobocop, Jack ReacherDeadpoolJohn WickGuardians of the GalaxyPacific RimCall of DutySynth RidersAssassin’s CreedNeed For SpeedRazerDead RisingUFC and more.

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FiXT Neon
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