Five long years following the release of their critically acclaimed “DHIST” EP, Portuguese heavy rock group Cinemuerte are back, this time with a new full-length album titled “Refugio”.

Set for release on April 26, the new album means refuge in English and it marks a farewell to the band’s rehearsal room of the last 18 years; a ‘home’ of tranquillity bearing a host of well-received releases and now a new full-length named in homage to that creative breeding ground.

Meanwhile, the group have revealed a music video for the album’s leading single “Me, Myself and I”. Directed by José Dinis, the video is now playing at this location.

“Refugio” track-list:
1. Until we Say Goodbye
2. Twenty Five
3. W.T
4. Me Myself and I
5. The Lost and Free
6. Silent Notes
7. Phobic U
8. The Whisper
9. Bird with no Broken Wings
10. Inner Light

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