CICADASTONE release new album ‘Cold Chamber’ and video for ‘Slave In A Cage’

CICADASTONE release new album ‘Cold Chamber’ and video for ‘Slave In A Cage’, out now via Golden Robot Records.

Check out Slave In A Cage here:

Cold Chamber available now on CD, vinyl & digital

The past year saw the release of 3 huge singles lifted from Cold Chamber, ‘Box Of Anger’, ‘Dying in Sunshine’ and ‘Out Of Sight’, and earlier this week, the band dropped a fourth single ‘Slave In A Cage’ to whet the appetites of fans ahead of the release today of the official music video for the track, alongside the full album.

Described as somewhat of a tribute to the 80’s sci-fi classic, “They Live”, Matt Robins (guitar/vocals) explains the concept behind the ‘Slave in a Cage’ video clip, The theme of the song and film were similar, so it was great to merge the two together. The music video shows a story of a girl stuck in her day-to-day life, but by chance, discovers what’s secretly around us all…a society being controlled and manipulated as we live our lives – but there is a twist to the story at the end!”

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Cold Chamber is an album that continues to push the grunge rock boundaries and picks up where the 90’s movement left off. An authentic, dark and melodically driven soundscape, powerful in its execution, the songs are complex in design and detail, yet flow with simplicity and ease.
The album is a musical landscape of twists and turns, and a journey you don’t see much in modern albums, with its own unique sound while staying truly authentic to the genre – a difficult task in a time when it’s all been done before.

The 2LP black vinyl edition, features 2 additional live acoustic tracks, (not available on the CD or digital version of the album).

COLD CHAMBER track listing:
Red Eye Raven
Slave In A Cage
Out Of Sight
Dying In Sunshine
Burden That You Wear
Call It What You Will
Box Of Anger
Cold Chamber
Dime A Dozen
X-Rays Of Our Minds
Slow Motion
Down River
Second Guessing (live acoustic) ***
Headlights On (live acoustic) ***
*** On vinyl edition only

Coupling that state of perpetual secrecy with the heavy lull of melody, Cold Chamber reels you in again and again, forcing you to relish each stylistic nuance to crack some unspoken code.”
Other standouts include Call It What You Will which is dreamy and melodic in the style of Pink Floyd while title track Cold Chamber is a staggering and off-kilter sound that somehow creates a masterpiece instead of a monster.

‘Red Eye Raven’ is a song about perception. How you see yourself verses how others see you. The ultimate struggle of self-acceptance in an unaccepting world. To compromise who you are and what you stand for, or just accept it? When you feel life pressures are building, the red eye raven is slowly circling in…
‘Slave In a Cage’ is a song about being stuck in the day to day life most of us are living. We all live in a society that tells us what we conveniently want and need, what we can or cannot have. We consume, submit, obey and follow the rules that govern us. The visaed are here to stay, we can’t escape. We are all just sad slaves in a cage…
‘Incandescent’ is a song about sinking to your lowest and eventually finding your way out. To find that inner glow or strength to believe in yourself again. To pull yourself out of that hole and push forward. Slowly, burning, feeling incandescent tonight…
‘Out Of Sight’ is a song about self-discovery and challenging yourself to know who you really are, to admit your faults and be ok with it. We are who we are even if we want to be something else. You must look within yourself and ask this question: Are you happy with who you are? You should be, but It’s easy to lose sight of a vision and hard to stay focused on your goal. We’re always cascading out of sight…
‘Dying In Sunshine’ is a song about false standards and the pressures that modern society depicts. This society tells us, “everyone else is doing great”. Everyday people put their lives on display through social media platforms, but the reality is most people are not as happy as they seem. They hold pain within disguised to look fine all for social acceptance. We are all dying in sunshine, just take a closer look…
‘Burden That You Wear’ is a song that speaks for itself. It’s about carrying our burdens though life and how we deal with them. “The echoes over the years will always beat you down”. We have a choice to either deal with life, or to continue to let these burdens weigh you down. We all have a story to tell and we are all carrying something, but how much is too much, when holding on?
‘Call It What You Will’ is a song about isolation. Being once connected to someone or something, yet that moment has passed and there is nothing that can change the outcome. Time can heal but never undo. Call it what you will, it doesn’t mean a thing…
‘Box of Anger‘ is a song about influence over a massive scale. The world media has controlled society through tv for decades. But how do we know it’s accurate? Who gave them the licence to say what’s true or false? Corporate greed has corrupted our planet and there is no end in sight. In a world of uncertainty, this song couldn’t be more relevant…
‘Cold Chamber’ is a song about facing your fears and admitting your faults. It’s not an easy thing to do and we can easily push away the people that matter most. It can be a lonely path at first but facing your fears and owning your actions and decisions can only help a person grow, ultimately being better for it.
‘Dime a Dozen’ is a song about control and suppression. The feeling of being held back and needing to break out to force change. Being treated like a number and used for someone else’s gain. We are all just a dime a dozen to the machine we populate. But don’t underestimate us now…
‘X-Rays Of Our Minds’ is a song about looking past the distractions life throws at us and seeing the truth in ourselves. “Come and see we’ve been denied”, but our own faults can often mean that we only deny ourselves.
‘Slow Motion’ is a song about heartbreak. The sad realisation of an ending moment in time. We all make mistakes. Sometimes it can be worked out and sometimes it cannot. “In slow motion we fall”, because in that moment it can feel like forever.
‘Down River’ is a song about consequences. Passing the point of no return, to look back and realise you need to keep going if you’re going to make it. But it can come at a cost and we must all live or die with our choices and consequences…

Listen to Cold Chamber HERE

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