Spend a few minutes clicking your way through 8-bit crEEps’ discography, and you’ll discover that, if someone were to suddenly put you on the spot and ask you to describe what you had heard, you might have a hard time figuring out where to begin. If so, you’d be more than forgiven – the quartet has quite the knack for placing innovation and experimentation at the forefront of their creative work.

The inventive nature of their music – one that exists well outside traditional genre confines and is accompanied by thoughtful lyrics to boot – results in the creation of a cerebral, psychedelic, new-wave cocktail (garnished with a near- indescribable X factor that is entirely their own, of course) that has the ability to keep listeners coming back for round after round.

This brings us to their latest creation, ‘Warm and Happy,’ which was released on leap day this year. Don’t be fooled by the pleasant title – in true 8-bit crEEps fashion, there are always additional layers to be explored:

“An overall theme is the more connected we’ve become through technology, the more we seem to lose the “warmest” building blocks of being human: empathy, logic, creativity, reason, compassion,” the band shared.

This dissonance is an undercurrent that runs throughout each of the EP’s four tracks. For example, opener “My Young Shadow” is a jaunty, synth-filled rumination on how the choices one makes in their youth can later come back to haunt them in adulthood.


No matter the subject matter be global conflict (“Here Come the Commies”), recalling moments shared with loved ones (“Bad Birthday”), or the relentlessness of digital capitalism (“For $ale”), 8-bit crEEps pair each track with eclectic and electric soundscapes that leave no stone unturned in regards to which musical elements could be included.

With that being said, ‘Warm and Happy’ serves as proof positive that 8-bit crEEps have taken one mammoth leap in further building upon their flair for innovation

to forge a path of their own in what is largely sonically uncharted territory. The result? A body of work that is wild, imaginative, introspective, and distinctively theirs.

To listen to ‘Warm and Happy,’ follow the link below: 9mq291pjs1A



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who’s who

Mick Kong – vocals, g u i t a r
The Ginger Glitch – synthesizers, organs J.Bird James – bass Joey Charch – drums

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