“Cherubs perfected something that broke free of the boundaries firmly set in place by the band’s chosen mini-movement: the noisiest pop music on the planet. Short of Popular was like a Singles Going Steady of noise rock-and was as crucial to the Cherubs’ legacy as the proper album that preceded it.” — Pitchfork
“The record stands tall in its own right, and fans of the band’s AmRep-influenced sound will enjoy it in all its pummeling grimy glory.” — Revolver Magazine
Austin, TX trio Cherubs premiere a new track from their forthcoming album Short of Popular today via Revolver Magazine. It’s the first time ever on vinyl for the collection of singles, outtakes and compilation tracks originally released on Trance Syndicate in 1996. This release on Austin labelSonic Surgery Records (a division of Super Secret Records) is remastered with new art and pressed on beautiful 3-colored vinyl. Releases on October 12th. Hear and share “Orange Julius”HERE. (Direct Soundcloud.)
The Daily Dot also recently shared the first track from the album, “Carjack Fairy” HERE. (DirectSoundcloud.)
“Perhaps ironically referring to the breakthrough that never quite occurred for Austin, TX, band the CherubsShort of Popular compiles the various singles, compilation tracks, rejected session pieces from Heroin Man, plus an assortment of other sonic odds and ends, and ties them neatly into this send-off album, indicating that the band’s break-up was indeed an untimely one. Kevin Whitley‘s signature nasal vocals, barely audible over the distorted wash of bass and guitar, are like that of a small child attempting to be heard over a steamroller. Beyond the signature roar and wallop of the Cherubs‘ rhythm section, a noise rock staple, it was the particulars that truly mattered: the undeniable pop melodies articulated throughout the redlined volume, and yes, the oddball Butthole Surfer-isms found here and there. The cover of Blondie‘s “Dreaming” is rollicking fun. A fine send-off for a band that burned brightly for a few records, then shuffled off.” — All Music Guide.
Another critic observed of the Cherubs “Nobody has made music as loud, noisy and evil as the infernal racket they produced. (Forget death metal). This is pure, heavy, intense, in-the-red punk noise which will melt your face off. It’s beautiful. Heroin Man is a classic, but the tracks on Short of Popular up the ante even further. One of the most vital underground bands of the 90s.”
This 2018 reissue of Short of Popular is completely remastered with all new art designed by band member Kevin Whitley. Some selections from the original compact disc release have been removed to improve the overall energy and live within the constraints of the vinyl format. The overall sound has a fuller and warmer feel without losing the cutting impact of the Cherubs style of music.
The Cherubs have been actively playing live both in the states and in europe since 2014 following a long hiatus that saw the members follow other interest both musical (bass player Owen McMahon toured with the Butthole Surfers) and artistic.
Sonic Surgery Records is honored to bring back this amazing collection of Cherubs magic and share it with the whole wide world. Play it loud it’ll never be as loud as the actual band)! Pre-ordersare available via Sonic Surgery/Big Cartel.
Artist: Cherubs
Album: Short of Popular
Record Label: Sonic Surgery Records
Release Date: October 12th, 2018
01. Pixie Stix
02. Carjack Fairy
03. Chanukka
04. Orange Julius
05. Quitter
06. Hakkeboffer
07. Zip-Up Boots
08. Little Candy Hearts
09. Oh
10. Dazy
11. I Want Candy
12. Dreaming
13. How Little We Know
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