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So-Cal punks Chaser is back with their fifth and quite possibly best album yet, a fast, punchy thirteen track masterpiece that really sets the bar.

“Fight Of Our Lives” opens the album at warp speed with the drums and guitar fighting to see who can play the fastest as Mike LeDonne keeps pace on vocals and a nice bass line running behind it all, short and sweet but a cracking opening. “2020” continues the sonic bombardment with a typical skate punk feel, drum-driven, heavy bass and great riffs with LeDonne coming to the fore with his vocals. “Good Times” is a massive anthem that is driven by a massive bassline, kicking drums and killer riffs, a brilliant track. “Signs Of Life” roars into life with big chugging riffs, machine-gun drums and buzzing bass as DeLonne spits out his vocals in a two-fingered salute to society. “A New Direction” has a Teenage Bottlerocket sound to it, a riff-heavy song with crashing drums that will have you jumping about all over the place.

“The Ripper” is as the title suggests a ripper, played at a frantic pace with pounding drums, thumping bass and killer riffs, up there for track of the album. “Echoes” is another anthemic track packed with the big melodic chorus to a backdrop of heavy riffs, drums and rumbling bass. Title track “Dreamers” wouldn’t be amiss on a Blink182 album with seriously catchy hooks and a melodic punk feel that is a real attention grabber. “Break The Chain” is a galloping track with great upbeat melodies even if the song content itself is a little on the dark side. “Always With You” is in the same vein as the previous track with an infectious beat that will have you jumping about all over the place. “Only Human” is a little heavier but with the high tempo and melodies still intact, the drums are on a different level here with a savage beat and backed up by some nifty riffs and bass. “Something In The Water” is in the NOFX mould, thunderous drums, kick-ass guitar and thick bass. “See You At The Show” closes out the album with a shout out to some of the bands biggest influences, Bad Religion, NOFX and Face To Face, and the fans who have put them where they are, it also like the rest of us pines for the returns of live shows.

A cracking album that is packed full of killer tunes.



Chaser are:

Mike DeLonne                     Vocals

Jesse Stopnitzky                 Bass/Vocals

Bill Hockmuth                      Guitar

Davey Guy                            Drums

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CHASER’s New Single “Dreamers” Now Streaming Everywhere

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Stream “Dreamers” here:

“Dreamers”, the title track off the upcoming new album by CHASER is now streaming everywhere. Available at and through Thousand Islands Records, Sound Speed Records, SBAM Records & Pee Records.

“The song ‘Dreamers’ is the title track off our new album. It’s a dedication to those who have persevered through personal struggles and misfortune to continue chasing their dreams. Influenced by our loved ones, it’s an appreciation of how much they have inspired us to grow and to do better in our own lives to keep a positive perspective.”


On April 9, 2021 CHASER will release their 5th full-length album, ‘Dreamers.’ Jesse Stopnitzky shares, “Dreamers is a 13-song burst of anthemic and melodic punk energy with self-reflecting and hopeful lyrics. It is a reminder to keep chasing your dreams and keep your head up. It’s the most personal album we have written, touching on the highs and lows of life, but as always, with a positive CHASER twist.”

Vinyl, CD and merch pre-orders live at

Album Credits:

Recorded and Produced by Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Studios in Orange, California.

Mixed and Mastered by Jason Livermore and Edited by Andrew Berlin and Jonathan Luginbill at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Artwork created by Sebas Theriault at Sterio Design.

Established in 2000 in the heart of the SoCal punk scene, CHASER continue to make a name for themselves playing fast, catchy and melodic skate punk.

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CHASER: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Chaser // Dreamers // Album Review
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