Chainsword // Blightmarch // Album Review


Over the last few years, there have been a slew of Bolt Thrower clones emerging from the NWODM scene. Chainsword are one of the best, and Blightmarch will show you why.

Hailing from Warsaw, Poland. Chainsword are a relatively new band, but from listening to Blightmarch you wouldn’t hear that. What we get with Chainsword is a tight, 50 ton tank of a band.

Now, calling Chainsword just a Bolt Thrower clone would be doing them a huge disservice.

They are able to incorporate all types of sound, black metal tremolo style riffing, a vocal approach that is multi leveled & a drum sound that is so good it feels like you are being beaten to death.

With 10 tracks in total (including a few great WW1/2 samples starting & ending the album) & clocking in at 42 minutes this is a lustrously crafted album.

Tracks like “Spinehammer”, “Ost Front 1942: Moskau” & “Dead Hand Call” show why Chainsword are a cut above the rest. Mixing groove, technical ability with a great sense of melody.

Vocalist Herr Brummbär adds a different touch to the album. Switching between the lower registers in the normal death metal growl to bellowing screams in the vein of Glen Benton (Deicide) or Chase H. Mason (Gatecreeper). This adds a great dimension to the record.

By the time the album has ended, we have hit every great part of the death metal genre.

One of the best parts of the album as a whole is the production. Haldor Grunberg has been able to mix & master Blightmarch so perfectly. Guitar tones that are malevolent in nature, thunderous drums & a bass sound that is a driving force that keeps the band centralized.

If you feel that some of the newer bands doing the OSDM sound are a bit bland for you, I would give Chainsword a listen. This album will turn heads & break a few necks for sure!

Joseph Mitchell

Blightmarch is out via Godz Of War Productions on 27th February 2021.


1.    Ost Front 1943: Stalingrad

2.    Spinehammer

3.    Horus, the Chosen Son

4.    Ost Front 1942: Moskau

5.    Dead Hand Call

6.    Exterminatus

7.    Daemonculaba

8.    Blightmarch

9.    Dreadquake Mortar

10.    06.08 09:15

Line Up:

Alfred Józwa Kaczorowski – Bass

Tomek Walczak – Drums

Kamil Wierzbowski – Guitars

Piotr Dobrowolski – Guitars

Herr Brummbär – Vocals

Chainsword // Blightmarch // Album Review
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