Cesspool Of Corruption // Eradication of the Subservient // Album Review

This debut EP was initially self-released by the Dallas, Texas four-piece Brutal Death Metal band, however, it is now going to get a full record label release on Gore House Productions, who since hearing the offering, couldn’t do anything other than pushing it out for the masses.

Remixed and remastered, the EP literally erupts into life, with huge drums courtesy of Brennan Shackleford (Brodequin and Disentomb) the slicing and ripping guitars of Matt Leach and Blake Humphrey, and a blisteringly aggressive vocal from Mike Leach. The opening few seconds pushes into your skull through the eyes and takes it to grip like a bowling ball, and this is not the half of it.

As the brutality is met by intricate technicality, you start to get flung around by your head before being savagely smashed into the floor repeatedly, and as you feel your skull begin to give way the sounds of this incredible EP play like a soundtrack to the beating.

As the vocals switch between highs and lows, the guitars continue to pick their next angle of attack and the drums are just like precision mortars that are backed up by devastating machine-gun fire beats and the bass is equally as destructive with its ever-changing low tones that have shattering results.

The five-track offering spans 25 minutes of some of the highest quality Death Metal that engages you from the off and when the 25 minutes are up will already be starting over again as you have pressed the repeat button to ensure that you don’t miss any time that could be spent on listening to the Cesspool of Corruption.

A huge thank you needs be directed toward Gore House Productions as without their intervention this EP would not have been as accessible nor exposed as much as it really should, however the biggest thank you has to be to Cesspool of Corruption as what they have created is nothing short of the highest quality. Every note, beat and lyric add something to the sound and create this extreme music that will be loved by so many.

Eradication of the Subservient is a must-have for any fan of Brutal, Technical or Death Metal and really does get you very excited for the full-length debut album that is slated for 2021.


Ed Ford


Eradication of the Subservient will be released December 11th via Gore House Productions.



  1. Ubiquitious Presence
  2. Technological Enslavement
  3. Emergence of Truth
  4. Eradication of the Subservient
  5. Humanoid In Form



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