premiere new track:
“Invocation of the Silent Eye”
CEREMONY OF SILENCE has launched the premiere of “Invocation of the Silent Eye,” the newest track to come off of the Slovakian blackened death metal duo’s forthcoming debut, Outis.
The music on Outis can be described as death metal with a dissonant, yet atmospheric feel, powered by rapid-fire blast beasts and dizzying tremolo riffs. The lyrics deal with mysticism and death, concepts that carry over into the album’s cover art – a traditional woodblock print designed by the band’s drummer, Svjatogor.
The exclusive premiere of “Invocation of the Silent Eye” comes via Toilet Ov Hell. Stream the song at Toiletovhell.com/premiere-ceremony-of-silence-invocation-of-the-silent-eye/
Willowtip Records will release Outis on CD Digipack, LP and digital formats on April 5. Preorder info below:
CD & vinyl LP – willowtip.com/store
Digital download – willowtip.bandcamp.com
“If you’re into blackened death metal with some occasional technical flare you’ll love this band.” – Technical Music Review
“‘Invocation Of The Silent Eye’ is a pounding masterpiece, roaring and growling with energy and darkness.” – The Median Man
Outis Track Listing
1. Invocation of the Silent Eye
2. Ceremony of a Thousand Stars
3. Trance of Void
4. Upon the Shores of Death
5. Black Sea of Drought
6. Arising of No Man
7. Into the Obscure Light
Vilozof – guitar, bass, vocals
Svjatogor – drums
Guitarist Vilozof and drummer Svjatogor – both already deeply-rooted in the Slovakian underground metal scene – formed CEREMONY OF SILENCE in 2015. The duo spent countless hours immersed in free-flowing, improvised jams and writing sessions.
Those sessions evolved from a frenzied and spirited expression of the duo’s combined energies to a more focused exploration of the shapeshifting and misted musical horizons in the distance. The result of their journey became the band’s seven-song debut album Outis.

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