Celebrating International Women’s Day with Incendia Music


Here at Incendia Music we are celebrating International Women’s Day.

I’d love to bring to your attention the kick-ass women we work with here at Incendia Music on our management roster. We have also curated an IWD playlist on Spotify featuring a selection of bands we have worked with and/or had affiliations with over the course of the past 10 years.

In case of interest, the MMF (Music Manager’s Forum) have also spotlighted me as a female music manager, and you can check out my interview HERE

If you’d like any more information on our artists or would like to further include them in any coverage you might be planning on this month, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our ladies are here to share their stories and their music, and we’re very much appreciative of your ongoing support.

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MARCH 8TH 2021

Morgan-Leigh Brown – Acolyte (Vocals)

“I knew quite early on that I wanted to tell stories through song”, offers Acolyte vocalist Morgan-Leigh Brown. Joining the National Girls Choir at the age of 7, Brown would later be called upon to perform the National Anthem (acapella) and ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ at a sold out stadium event in Melbourne – at just fifteen years old. After a brief foray into the realm of musical theatre, Morgan-Leigh became a mainstay in the Melbourne music and theatre scene and has grown into a performer that is poised for huge success.

Morgan’s personal musical interests lay in thick, heavy soundscapes and music with aggressive undertones which creates the perfect synergy between progressive rock and musical theatre.

“The way  stories could be told with such pain, aggression, subtlety, melody, angst, torture, torment and tension… I loved it all”, continues Brown.

Turning her attention to the band’s new material, she states: “This is the most vulnerable, relatable and passionately raw I have been artistically”.

Inspired by the likes of Lisa Gerard, Maynard Keenan, Ian Kenny, Sierra Boggess, Imogen Heap (just to name a few), she has continued to develop her own style, culminating in her refined and indispensable contribution to Acolyte’s music.

Acolyte – Entropy
[Blood Blast / Wild Thing Records]

Simone Dow – Voyager – (Guitarist)

Having over 20 years to refine her skills and tour the world, Simone Dow is one of heavy music’s most sacred treasures, and most people don’t even know it yet. Having supported the likes of Deftones, Nightwish, Leprous, Epica and more on tour with her band Voyager, Simone Dow brings her proficient and eye-opening 7-string skills and Ernie Ball Music Man guitar wherever she goes. Simone Dow is both a songwriter and a performer, renowned for her explosive performance, Aussie accent but Scottish blood.

Simone Dow says this about her song-writing approach and her influences

“Over the years, the writing process for Voyager has become vastly more collaborative, which has really made the songs more cohesive sounding. Guitar wise, gone are the days of harmonized guitar lines and us mainly playing the same riffs together. Influences can range from phrenetic Car Bomb style riffs, sweeping and playful delay riddled ambience like We Lost The Sea, groove laden riffage like Tesseract and slinky rhythmic delights a la Leprous.”

Simone also opens up about her chronic illness and how suffering with migraines impacts her life on a day to day basis.

“Being a Chronic Migraine sufferer has been the most difficult things I’ve had to deal with. It has robbed me of many of the things that give me enjoyment, and made me realize the limitations of my body. It can be terribly alienating and lonesome. Music, for me, is escapism, expression and a release. It’s another language to me, that I need to speak in order to be happy. In order to continue expressing myself through music, I have had to listen to my body a lot more in order to continue performing and writing.  Having the support and understanding from my band mates, family and our wonderful team behind us is a massive help, and I truly wouldn’t be able to continue speaking my musical language without their massive support network.”

Voyager – Water Over The Bridge
[Season of Mist]

El Reeve – Mountain Caller (bass)

El’s childhood was spent listening to Queen, from whom she learned to be disinterested in traditional song structures and the joy of off-the-wall, unexpected and bombastic things. She learned to play guitar because of Brian May and Jimi Hendrix, and then fell in love with the music of the NWBHM. El wants to challenge herself to reimagine the role of the bass. This isn’t a quest of ego, but one of love for the instrument and of music. Preferring a thundering, percussive bass sound, El plays a Fender Jazz / Precision hybrid through a Darkglass head and cab.

Mountain Caller released their debut album, “Chronicle I: The Truthseeker” in November 2020 to wide critical acclaim, receiving praise from the likes of Metal Hammer, Riot Act, Noizze and Invisible Oranges. Having been booked to play ArcTanGent in summer of 2020, the band performed in the festival’s major live-streamed event as the world adapted to its new circumstances, and they are lined up to play the full festival in August 2021. They are hungry to get gigging again, and hopeful that their other Spring and Summer festival dates will stand.

Claire Simson (Guitar)

Claire Simson plays guitar in progressive, post-metal three-piece Mountain Caller. She got her first guitar at the age of 12 after hearing “Them Bones” by Alice in Chains and became obsessed with the sound of the guitar rather than a particular player. She grew up preferring guitarists such as Kurt Cobain and Jerry Cantrell who are able to create a mood and cram all their emotions into their instruments rather than the technical guitar virtuosos of the world. At the age of 15 she formed SugarComa who went on to release an album via Music For Nations and tour with the likes of Machine Head, Fear Factory, Will Haven and The Wildhearts.

A recently converted Fender fangirl, she uses a mix of pure amp dirt, cleans and a range effects pedals to add layers of texture, atmosphere and heaviness to the band’s sound.

Mountain Caller –  I Remember Everything




Oceans of Slumber
Major Parkinson
Kim Seviour
The Fangs of the Dodo
As Everything Unfolds
The Dirty Youth
Fire Red Empress
White Moth Black Butterfly
The Paradox Twin
And more……

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