CATHOLIC GUILT (Melbourne, AUS) Releasing “This Is What Honesty Sounds Like” EP On August 28

” A beacon of light for anyone who finds themselves at the crossroads of pop punk and folk, Australian outfit Catholic Guilt blend the two seamlessly. Add prominent influences by bands as diverse as Against Me!, Thrice and the Menzingers and you’ve got sounds and styles that are as beautiful as they are varied.”- Alternative Press


“Catholic Guilt’s “A Boutique Affair” taps into the zeitgeist of distance, isolation, while adding a spirit of uplift and community…deeply melodic, highly energetic rock ‘n’ roll…”- PopMatters

“Catholic Guilt do that thing where they help you pick apart the seams of your barely held-together self worth but make it sound like a right fun time along the way.”- Triple J Unearthed

“Australian group of rockers delivering raw, emotional lyrics amid pounding drums, jangling guitars and sophisticated arrangement.”- Artistic Echoes

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Melbourne, Australia’s CATHOLIC GUILT was recently among 10 artists featured in an Alternative Press story on ’10 Genre-Bending Bands You’ve Probably Never Heard Of’– but that’s about to change with the release of the band’s stellar new EP “This Is What Honesty Sounds Like” out August 28 via Wiretap Records.

Stream the latest single “A Boutique Affair” here:

Stream the video here:

The band is confirmed to perform at Fest 19 in Gainesville, FL in October 2021, and is also featured on Wiretap Records’ latest Attention! charity compilation, benefiting the ACLU, now available for ‘name your price’ on Bandcamp:–Lh-9UQs8c

Catholic Guilt write raw, emotional and disarmingly honest music for the internally conflicted masses, blending elements of punk, folk and alt-rock to create a sound they describe as ‘honest music.’

Listen to their previous singles and watch the music videos for “The Awful Truth” and “Song of The Renter” below.

“Song of The Renter” (Official Music Video)

“The Awful Truth” (Official Music Video)

The band has also joined the #ArtistsForChange program and will be donating a percentage of their upcoming releases’ digital royalties to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

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