Caskets // Lost Souls // Album Review


Hailing from Leeds in the UK, Caskets are an exciting new band to enter the fray, with their unique mix of post-hardcore and alternative metal, they have their energy-soaked debut, Lost Souls about to hit the shelves. I have been really looking forward to covering this album as from the 3 singles they had released so far, it’s excited me to say the least.

Into the first track and single number three, ‘The Only Ones’ encapsulates all that is Caskets, energetic and captivating. Matthew Flood with those melodious vocals really shining through, which can be said for much of this album, really can create a great melody. Track two, ‘Glass Heart’ which was the first single from the album and the second track that made me fall in love with this band. Great chorus, catchy bridge and at times musically, you feel it wouldn’t be out of place in a heavier band’s collection. Third track, ‘Hold Me Now’ is of the same ilk, whilst standing out on its own very well. Slower versus building up to an energetic pre-chorus and chorus, you really have to hand it to them, they create such good melodies, whilst each song sounding individual.

‘Lost in Echoes’, the second single from the album is another great track, almost starting out with the chorus with Matthew singing a capella, before returning it with the backing of furious yet controlled drums from James and soaring guitars from Benji, Craig and Christopher. ‘Drowned in Emotion’ shows there is certainly no slipping in quality as the record moves past its halfway point. This track also shows glimpses of Caskets heavier side, whilst still staying true to the unique sound they’re building upon.

You get some bands stuck in making very similar sounding songs, but I really feel like they’ve been able to stray from this very well, which makes it such an easy album to review. This will certainly be an album that I will be listening to beyond this review. Caskets are a band to watch out for, not only can they make a great energetic record, but they can recreate this energy live, which I’ll be looking forward to personally witness when I see them with Normandie this October.

Peter Watts

Lost Souls is out via Sharptone Records on 13th August 2021

Track listing

  1. The Only Ones
    2. Glass Heart
    3. Hold Me Now
    4. Lost in Echoes
    5. Clarity
    6. Hopes & Dreams
    7. Drowned In Emotion
  2. Lose Myself
    9. The Final Say
  3. One More Time
  4. Nothing To Hide

Line up:

Matthew Flood – vocals

Benji Wilson – guitar

Craig Robinson – guitar

Christopher McIntosh – bass

James Lazenby – drums


Caskets // Lost Souls // Album Review
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