Casket Robbery // Rituals of Death // Album Review


Midwest death machine Casket Robbery is hitting your ears with its second full-length “Rituals Of Death”.

When beginning “Rituals Of Death” you notice how different the band is. Their press release states the band creates its own signature style of death metal by infusing horror and occult themes. And that is 1000% correct. Casket Robbery is a very rare case of a band carving their own sound.

“Don’t Forget The Eyes”, the second track on the album, is a powerhouse. From the first note, there is full-force blasting & brutality but then the band gives the track moments to breathe & break up the anatomy of death metal by creating different unique song structures.

One of the standouts sounds on the album is Megan Orvold-Scheider’s vocal ability. Megan doesn’t stick to one formula here, highs, brutal lows & mid tones that work thoroughly well with the guitar riffing & even working with drum breaks to make her vocal delivery more impactful.

“Beautiful Death” shows the technical side of the band. With heavy early Decapitated inspired riffing by guitarists Cory Scheider & Troy Powell, this track is untouchable & the standout on the album. If you love it turned up to 11 this is for you.

Even flexing the most unlikely muscle with a track like “The Hidden The Hideous” is the imaginative blending of black metal & djent riffs.

Adding ambience keys in the chorus to invoke a scary & unsettling atmosphere. The bridge breaks down into the heaviest part of the album. Which is a great & creative way to weave in & out of the tracks at a fast pace.

The Album closer “Return To The Sky” is a great cap off to a brutal album. This track was strong enough to be an album opener hearing it at the end of the album just shows how stacked this album is with punishing death metal.

Casket Robbery is a diamond in the rough. A band I hadn’t heard of until reviewing this album but now have become one of my favourite finds of 2022 & Rituals of Death is a solid, no holds barred death metal album. Full of very surprising twists & turns. If you want a new band to destroy your ear drums, look no further!

Review: Joseph Mitchell 

   01_Worm Food 3:43
   02_Don_t Forget The Eyes 3:02
   03_Death_s Dance 3:13
   04_Post-Mortem 2:25
   05_Beautiful Death 3:52
   06_Bone Mother 3:22
   07_The Hidden The Hideous 3:10
   08_Old Ones 3:05
   09_Reanimate 3:04
   10_Return To The Sky

Rituals of Death is out via Blood Blast Distribution on 11th November 2022

Casket Robbery is:
Megan Orvold-Scheider – Vocals
Cory Scheider – Guitars
Troy Powell – Guitars
Bryan Bykowski – Bass
Erik Schultek – Drums

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