Releases new remix of ‘Blank Face’ by Shikari Sound System (Rou from Enter Shikari)
Debut EP coming 2 November
“A clear show of his ability to mix genres and create an irresistible sound, “Me & You” is an exciting introduction to the new musician and it’s obvious he’s only set to wow us more in the future.” – Wonderland
“Casey Lowry’s ‘Me & You’ Is A Summer Smash. A refreshing pop voice with an independent stance.” – Clash
“Playful and personal, Casey Lowry’s infectiously catchy new song “Blank Face” depicts the emotional struggle to overcome language barriers and connect on a deeper level.” – Atwood Magazine
Following the release of his latest single ‘Blank Face’, Casey Lowry has handed over the remix reins to Rou from Enter Shikari, aka Shikara Sound System, who has created a dancefloor ready reworking of the anthemic track – listen HERE. Casey is a long-time fan of the band and the two recently met at Enter Shikari’s Brighton show this week – see photo below.
A rising new talent set to makes waves, Casey Lowry’s ‘Blank Face’ is fuelled by tropical beats and Casey’s playfully humorous lyrics on the pitfalls of international romance. “Earlier this year I dated a French girl but she just never got my jokes (broken English),” explains Casey on the inspiration behind the track. “She would just kind of stare at me whenever I tried to be funny, hence blank face.
‘Blank Face’ follows on from the release of his acclaimed sun-drenched summer single ‘Me & You’ which went straight into Spotify’s New Music Friday and has since had over 250,000 streams. Both singles encapsulate Casey’s quintessential tropical-pop sound and deft sense of melody and will feature on Casey’s debut four-track EP released on 2 November on Access Records.
Chesterfield born and currently London based, 21-year-old Casey has already been featured as BBC Radio One’s Artist of the Week following the release of his debut single ‘Trampoline’. The debut achieved massive success in its first few weeks of release, charting at number 2 on Spotify’s UK Viral 50 charts and gaining over 500,000 streams since release.

 Casey with Rou Reynolds

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