Carrington, a five-piece alternative/punk rock outfit from Perth, has just dropped the first single “44Days” off their upcoming debut studio EP ‘Alter-Ego’ due out Friday May 24th. 

“44 Days” is a track that touches on expressions of anger felt by front man Emmett Carroll towards friends that have proven to be selfish, ignorant and disinterested. Carroll says “… In the period of time that I wrote this, I felt who I considered to be my friends had little interest in me or my well-being. When I finished tracking this song and heard it all back it actually felt really good, I think I had gotten out what I wanted to say … they might never hear it, but it’s off my chest and I feel better for it.”

The single comes accompanied by a video clip shot by Nick Henrisson and Nick Lay and was produced, directed and edited by Carrington’s own in-house creative Jordan King (drums). The video shows Carroll wandering around the suburbs listening to “44 Days” on his journey towards home, juxtaposed against Carrington playing through their single in an empty living room in true pop-punk style.

‘Alter Ego’ is Carrington’s first studio EP and the band endeavored to produce a body of work that encompasses every facet of the new-wave punk rock genre that the boys know and love, from “down the barrel” pop-punk sounds all the way to more hardcore influenced sounds. Carroll says “…we wanted [‘Alter-Ego’] to be Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates”.

Carrington is Emmett Carroll (lead vocals), Christian Horsely (guitar), Blake Benning (guitar), Zachary Carter (bass) and Jordan King (drums). Since their formation in 2015, the band took time to focus on writing and finding their sound until they played their first show at the Hen House Live a year later. Since this, the band has been consistently releasing music and playing shows, releasing their first self-produced BandCamp track mid 2017. 

Continuing to build their place in the Perth music scene, Carrington has played support for national bands including Bukowski and Vacant Home and stepped up to support international pop-punk band Real Friends. In 2018, there came a line-up change that lead to a refreshed sound and a new sense of drive. The next two self-produced singles “Apologetic” and “Split Hands” earned national airplay on Triple J’s Short.Fast.Loud and Unearthed radio, paving the way for future releases with a short acoustic EP, ‘Boronia’ earlier this year and the standalone single, “Moments”. Riding off this, Carrington played local support in Perth for American rock heavyweights, Trapt.

The new EP ‘Alter-Ego’ continues Carrington’s drive of self producing alternative and introspective punk rock that will see them continue to rise in the Perth and wider scene. ‘Alter-Ego’ will be released Friday 24th May and can be pre-ordered now through iTunes & Apple Music/Spotify/Google Play and all good online stores and streaming outlets. Single “44 Days” is out now.

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