New Album, PLUS ULTRA, Coming May 31

Never afraid to show their loveable demeanor, CAROUSEL KINGS are delivering a second peek into their upcoming album through the new video “Lock Meowt,” ahead of the release of Plus Ultra on May 31, 2019. The video showcases the Pennsylvania quartet’s lighter side without straying from their bounce-off-the-wall rhythms and wildly energetic sing-alongs.


Watch the Music Video “Lock Meowt.”

A stunning blend of progressive guitars and thumping beats, “This is the most energetic song from the album,” promises founder and vocalist David Alexander. “It is my favorite track from Plus Ultra and has some of CAROUSEL KINGS’ best guitar work ever.” As one of eleven guests on the album, the band brought in their colleague Charles Caswell to round out the smooth groove of the track. Guitarist Will Barovick reflects, “The uniqueness of ‘Lock Meowt’ forced us to explore new territories and having a second shredder is nothing new, but on this particular track we needed to show where pop punk is heading in 2019, while highlighting our early 2000’s influences such as the ever-changing genius of Blink 182 and Brit punks Busted.”

Another partner for “Lock Meowt” was The Catcade, a non-profit cat rescue based in Chicago. The band spent an afternoon filming at their headquarters between performance shots and as Barovick admits, “Cat videos and memes are so fun and we wanted to incorporate that as part of our journey with pets.”

“Life is tough,” adds bassist Cody Williams. “We’ve all been locked out of something in life – from homes and cars to friendships and partnerships – but for me being a country boy from Pennsylvania, I can always rely on a fuzzy animal intervention. They’ll never let you feel abandoned.”

Check out CAROUSEL KINGS first video from the album, “Code Breaker (Smile)” and pre-orders for Plus Ultra are available now in multiple colored vinyl versions, CD, flag, t-shirts, long-sleeves and more, and instant downloads of “Lock Meowt” and “Code Breaker (Smile).”


Plus Ultra Song Listing:

  1. Plus Ultra(Featuring Pete Zengerle and Bill Cardella of Hang Tight)
  2. Move Slow(Featuring Lexxe)
  3. Shellshocked(Featuring Spencer Charnis from Ice Nine Kills)
  4. Code Breaker (Smile)
  5. Ghost
  6. Lock Meowt(Featuring Charles Caswell)
  7. Great White Buffalo(Featuring Rory Rodriguez from Dayseeker)
  8. Truth Seekers(Featuring Matt from GutterLIFE)
  9. Shelter(Featuring Tyler Arkatin)
  10. Monarch
  11. Jamais Vu(Featuring Ricky Armellino and Jack Esbenshade of Hawk)



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