Carnifex - World War X - Album Review
Carnifex - World War X - Album Review 9
Carnifex - World War X - Album Review 9
Carnifex - World War X - Album Review 9
Carnifex - World War X - Album Review 9
Carnifex - World War X - Album Review 9
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Strap yourself and get ready for a whirlwind of a Death Metal album that tears into the corners of the genre and blends it all together, creating what can only be described as a punishing collection of brutality.

Having continued the writing process from the 2016 release Slow Death, Carnifex allowed the creative juices to continue to flow and furrow their own path through the gutters to reach their destination of 9 ruthless tracks that feel naturally dark and sinister, whilst pulling in a few guest appearances along the way, including Alissa White-Gluz from Arch Enemy and guest guitar solos provided by Angel Vivaldi .

Blasting into the album with the title track, after some atmospheric effects, the aggressively brutal vocal kicks in along with a swift-paced drum and the guitars are punished with technical precision as ‘World War X’ paves the way for what is on the way. With a brutal breakdown, deep and dank hook and a relentless drum this track certainly whet the appetite.

‘Visions Of The End’ sets off in a disturbing pace and continues to explore the darker aspects of music construction as the choppy sound chips away at the eardrum before the speed slows and the stride widens, preparing for some seriously deep stomping.

‘Eyes Of The Executioner’ certainly puts the Death in Deathcore, providing ample opportunity to windmill, stomp, headbang or whatever another way the music takes hold of and forces its way out before the Alissa White-Gluz joins the party on ‘No Light Shall Save Us’ providing an equally as brutal vocal. Don’t think that the inclusion of the Arch Enemy front softens this track in any way shape or form. This track has some additional theatrical effects in the background, providing an almost grandiose backing to the utter devastation provided by the vocalists, as the guitars collide in the background before a glorious guitar solo soars through. The guitars added Vivaldi on ‘All Roads Lead To Hell’ provide additional layers to this track as the fast-fingered maestro slays before the track slows down and the head begins to bang slower.

We still have 3 tracks left by this point and these really do rattle by as the drums continue to crush on top of the chaotic and colliding guitars and that abrasive vocal that we come to expect. Before you realise, you are suddenly back at the beginning of the album and gagging for more. This is a slab of brutality that any fan of Death Metal should hear, especially those who are into the darker and more aggressive aspects of the genre.

Ed Ford

World War X is released August 2nd 2019 on Nuclear Blast Records

Track List

  1. World War X
  2. Visions of the End
  3. This Infernal Darkness
  4. Eyes Of The Executioner
  5. No Light Shall Save Us featuring Alissa White Gluz
  6. All Roads Lead To Hell featuring Angel Vivaldi
  7. Brushed By The Wings Of Demons
  8. Hail Hellfire
  9. By Shadows Thine Held


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