Carnal Abhorrence // The Crowned Apocalypse // Album Review

Brutal Death Metal two-piece, Carnal Abhorrence formed in 2017 and released their debut full-length Gormandizing Rupture in 2019. Now the US-based band are about to release the follow-up and this time there are guest appearances by Lucas Mann from Rings of Saturn and Misstiq as we venture into a world or a skinless muscular laboratory experiment on a path to conquering the world with an army of the undead at his side.

Immediately as this savage monster erupts the incredible with blistering drums from the machine, programmed to decimate whilst the guitars chug and slash away underneath a growling and guttural vocal. The technical side of the band repeatedly adds different approaches of attack as the brutality keeps on cracking you over the head with slamming hammers and then stomping on you when you are down on the floor.

The lengths of brutality hit new depths as the 32-minute album is spread across 10 tracks of utter disgusting and unreal aggression as the blast beats repeatedly rattle your bones to the shattering point and the technical approach provides surgical precision to ensure maximum destruction and before you know it, you’ll be in a mass of singed skin and hair on the floor.

Some releases in the Brutal Death Metal arena can merge into each other, however, what Carnal Abhorrence have managed is something that not only differentiates between tracks, each track is its own being, and then with the technical side of the band, it really stands the band apart from others within the arena.

The Crowned Apocalypse is an album that is fresh as it is blisteringly brutal with its nonstop onslaught on the senses and your resilience. Every aspect of the musical side is sharp and testing whilst the vocal is here with the deepest and most guttural out there. The combination results in some of the most technical, stunning and destructive music that you will hear.


Ed Ford


The Crowned Apocalypse is released Friday 27th November 2020 via Realityfade Records.



  1. The Crowned Apocalypse
    2. This Sinister Fuel
    3. Encased In Disgrace (feat. Lucas Mann of Rings Of Saturn)
    4. The Unholy Infinity (feat. Misstiq)
    5. The Butchers Shibboleth
    6. Ordained Octane
    7. Cycles Of Cybernetic De-Evolution
    8. Unholy Mainframe Of Disdain
    9. Sycophant Of The Throne
    10. Necrotonic Re-Birth



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