Carleigh Aikins Shares LP Focus Track “Good Book”

Carleigh Aikins Shares LP Focus Track “Good Book” +
Lyric Video via PopWrapped

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JUNK JEWELRY LP Out Now via SilverDoor Music

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“Showcases her impressive vocal range and song-writing abilities, and has rock, pop and soul undertones”
– PopWrapped

Today, Canadian singer-songwriter Carleigh Aikins shares her long-awaited debut solo album, JUNK JEWELRY, alongside its focus track, “Good Book.” The single comes alongside a lyric video designed and edited by Carleigh, with title graphics by Brandyn Aikins and photos by Stefan Foerster.

On the single, Carleigh wrote:

“I wrote ‘GOOD BOOK’ after exiting a relationship that was torn apart by restrictions, repression, and indoctrination of Christianity imposed upon my partner in their early home-school days. Their upbringing in the Church caused them to suppress their true identity, which manifested in addiction, secrets, and lies.

I was attempting to manage its affects on my life and relationship. It caused me to reflect on my own upbringing in the Catholic School System, my Catholic Guilt, and what actually defines a ‘Sinner’ or bad person. I, too, was struggling with addiction, but my ‘misbehaviour’ wasn’t deemed by society as ‘sinful’ as what my partner was secretly getting into But in the bible, there are myriad of ways one could behave to be damned. So, who was the real ‘damned’ person in this situation anyway?

‘I’m not a Sinner, I’m just working on my Halo,’ I proclaim.
I’m making mistakes, but I’m not looked upon as a bad person.
‘Now you’re the Sinner, ’cause the Good Book said so.’
You’re breaking the conventional rules, the relationship contracts we made. Hiding who you truly are. So you’re worse.

We are all equal parts ‘good and bad.’ People make mistakes and can also be really good people at the same time. Making missteps and breaking antiquated rules does not mean we should go to hell.

This song was one of the first we laid down for my album Junk Jewelry, at Studio Mixart in Montreal. Producer Marcus Paquin had been sitting with the demo and eventually proclaimed, ‘I know what this needs to be. It needs to be a party song.’ And so we cracked out the percussion and wailed a bit over the track and it became this raucous jam. It’s held together by the rhythmic genius of Evan Tighe, piano plucking by Jay McCarrol and Pietro Amato, and driving bass lines and wailing guitars by Marcus himself (who also engineered); with additional bass from Dave Dalrymple. This one features several layers of my voice and hi-lights my obsession with choral-like backing vocals.”

After years of touring and performing on world stages as a supporting band member, or the shiny pretty thing standing in the shadows of prominent artists as a backing vocalist, Carleigh Aikins finally emerges to reveal herself as a true Canadian vocal treasure worthy of the spotlight on her debut solo album JUNK JEWELRY.

Working with producer/engineer/mixer Marcus Paquin (Arcade Fire, The National), as well as Don Kerr (Bahamas, Ron Sexsmith), Evan Tighe (Patrick Watson, La Force, Elisapie), Brad Barr (The Barr Brothers) and an array of Montreal and Toronto’s finest musicians; Aikins offers this eclectic gang of tunes which draw from the varied influences and flavours of rock, soul, and pop found in the many bands Aikins has been a part of in the past.

JUNK JEWELRY offers a landscape of Carleigh’s diverse vocal range and ability- from her tender vibrato to her distinctive and explosive vocal fry. It serves not only as a landmark of her  prowess as a backing vocalist (she performs all the countless layers of the BG’s on the album) – but as a powerful front-woman in her own right.

Carleigh Aikins – “Good Book”
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Carleigh Aikins Bio:Carleigh Aikins is a Canadian vocalist (Toronto) who has certainly put in her “ten thousand hours” traversing the globe and its stages. Since building her name ac ross North America as a sought-after live/studio session back-up singer and band member, she now finally emerges with her own debut solo record entitled JUNK JEWELRY.

JUNK JEWELRY is a collection of songs Carleigh written over the span of a decade while touring. The songs all began as junky demo’s that were diamonds in the rough waiting to shine; with the assistance of collaborators including Marcus Paquin (The National. Arcade Fire), Brad Barr (The Barr Brothers), Don Kerr (Bahamas, Ron Sexsmith), Drew Jurecka (Dua Lipa), and members of Patrick WatsonThe Mynabirds and Zeus.

Having spent years as the shiny pretty thing supporting other Artists on the sidelines; Aikins touches upon many themes on JUNK JEWELRY. The album title speaks to her imposter syndrome induced by the stars she worked with. She expresses experiences with industry colleagues who’ve treated her like garbage, and the devastation of being on the road while attempting to lead a domestic life. She sings about relationships torn apart by her ex-partners’ severe addiction and secret double life as they both embodied the ‘rock star” lifestyle. The album is also sprinkled with lyrics touching on the toxic influence of the Catholic Church, and empowering anthems for women, victims and anyone who’s been treated like junk. Her voice shines and sparkles as the common shimmering thread across its ten tracks.

Aikins is a former member of Colorado-based band Paper Bird, whose self-titled record was produced by John Oates (of Hall & Oates). She is a member of the Toronto super-group Dwayne Gretzky; performing her uncanny renditions of Janis Joplin tunes to sold-out North American crowds. Carleigh is known for her work appearing with Juno-Award winner Bahamas on tour and on records including the Certified Canadian Gold single Lost In The Light.

She has also appeared as a member of the live line-up for artists such as Jack Johnson, Macy Gray, Royal Wood, Dan Mangan, Patrick Watson, Hannah Georgas, Donovan Woods, The Weather Station, La Force ft. Feist, Jason Collett, Jeremie Albino, and has made guest appearances with Shakey GravesLuciusThe Weakerthans, and on tour as a trio with Jon Russel and Josiah Johnson of The Head and the Heart, to name a very few.

Her career singing with various acts has lead her to sharing stages with legendary Artists including Neil YoungWillie NelsonRobert PlantHall & OatesThe Rolling Stones and contemporary acts such as Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, Michael Kiwanuka, Calexico, City and Colour and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats.

Her voice has graced many world stages such as Royal Albert HallRed RocksThe RymanThe Fillmore SFL’Olympia ParisMassey HallBudweiser StageRogers Centre and Roy Thomson Hall among countless others.

She’s appeared on Conan O’Brien, final season of The Colbert Report, and performed with several Orchestras including the TSO and The Colorado Symphony. With syncs on shows such as Grey’s AnatomySportsnet Hockey Night In Canada, and The Ranch, her voice can be heard on an extensive list of recordings, with collective streams totalling over 150 million and counting. She was named by Tom Power of CBC q as “CBC q All-Star” having made more appearances on the National radio show than any other Artist.

As quoted by Arts & Crafts Records’ Artist Dan Mangan:

“Every musician I know owes Carleigh a favour. We’d cross paths at a summer festival, or five. She’d sing in a band that was performing, or three. Never centre stage. Didn’t matter. She would inevitably end up the focal point. It was never her name on the badge around her neck, but everybody knew her, and she knew everybody. Carleigh was my favourite part of every band she didn’t lead, on or off the stage. She is a magnet. It turned out she’d been writing songs the whole time, making wildly creative demos. She was stockpiling ideas. Like a student who takes a decade to complete a dissertation that revolutionizes their field. Watching Carleigh sing makes me feel like a teenager. It doesn’t feel like a musician-friend trying to have a go. It feels like an action for the sake of the action. It feels like joy.”


1. Halfway Mark
2. Funny Hunny
3. Tougher Than You
4. Good Book
5. Shadow
6. Second Nature
7. Pretty Tiger
8. Credit’s Due
9. Golden Thread (Silver Lining)
10. Letting You Go

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