DEFEATIST – Cardiff – Alternative 
The music video for the new single premiered on the YouTube channel, ‘Dreambound’, a popular premiering hub for alternative bands across the world.
It’s noted as the bands proudest work to date
Defeatist formed in 2015 and deliver a blend of alternative and hardcore that is both highly emotive and introspective.
Their recent single ‘Mother’, engineered by renowned producer Timothy Vincent (Casey, Brutality Will Prevail, Wilderness) at Woodcroft Audio, serves as both a testament to single mothers working tirelessly to support their families, as well as a middle finger to every father that couldn’t be bothered.
The single introduces the new vocalist of the band, Jacob Eynon, who’s vocals provide a fresh, emotional and powerful take on Defeatist’s new music.
Their previous release of “Born/Free” featuring Lucas Woodland (Holding Absence) built the foundations of the band to enable them to produce a number of singles which successfully juxtaposed the facets of their earlier work with a more refined, melody driven sound.
‘Mother’ is a song about being abandoned by a significant person in your life, feeling isolated and ultimately coming out the other end. It’s a tribute to all the single mothers that work so hard to make ends meet and a middle finger to the dads that could never be bothered, Jacob says “If you’ve ever felt alone, scared, isolated and left behind then this song is proof that there’s a way through. This song is for anyone who’s been abandoned by their father. You don’t need them.
You will be able to see Defeatist live at the following locations in February and March. If you’d like to attend a show near you to review interview or photograph the band, please request a guestlist from me.
With Lastelle
28th February – Bridgwater, The Cobblestones
29th February – Bristol, Rough Trade
1st March – Swansea, The Bunkhouse
With Lonesome
27th March – Brighton, Green Door Store,
28th March – Luton, Luton Underground
29th March – Cardiff, Tiny Rebel

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