Carcass // Despicable // EP Review

Formed way back in 1986 in Liverpool, the English extreme metallers have undergone some significant rebuilding through that time and also had a significant break up in 1996 until 2007, but throughout their years of making music, Carcass have released some of the most important albums in Death Metal and having taken 7 years since the release of Surgical Steel it is now time for the wait to be over.

This four-track EP may not be a full length that most fans would wish for, however, these 19 minutes show why Carcass is so very important to the past but also the present and future of Death Metal.

Opening with huge sounding guitars and the tap of the cymbal, the drums soon start to let themselves go and suddenly we are in this incredibly sounding chunky and choppy riff that is joined by the incredible vocal. We then start to his Thrash speeds yet that underlying crustiness remains and underpins everything throughout, no matter where the pace or sound takes us.

The guitars throughout create some despicably aggressive riffs and solos that both slash and hack at anything within reach as the drums continue to bludgeon and batter with utter disregard for the listener as the abrasive vocal just grates away at your flesh.

The production is relatively clean, allowing for the full impact of the instruments to be felt but without removing the crustiness as this is still as filthy and infectious as a cheap hookers’ gusset.

The 19 minutes fly by as this shortened offering by the legendary band cement their place in just English Death Metal legend, but that in the ‘Best Of All Time Worldwide’ for the gritty and grimy masters. It may have been 7 years since the previous release, but clearly, Carcass has not lost their focus or filth and have managed to create some of the best music of 2020.

Despicable is clearly more than just a name of an EP, it is the perfect description of this release and is a great addition to any fan of Death Metal and Carcass as the Old Schoolers show yet again that they can not only hang with the new school but also still teach some important lessons.

Ed Ford


Despicable is released Friday, October 30th 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records.



1. The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue 5:58 

2. The Long And Winding Bier Road 4:21 

3. Under The Scalpel Blade 3:55 

4. Slaughtered In Soho 4:37



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