Car Bomb // Mordial // Album Review
Car Bomb // Mordial // Album Review8
Car Bomb // Mordial // Album Review8
Car Bomb // Mordial // Album Review8
Car Bomb // Mordial // Album Review8.1
Car Bomb // Mordial // Album Review8
8Overall Score
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One of the hardest working bands in the business, Car Bomb bring their unique and complex talents to the world again in new recorded music, that will bend the mind and shatter all preconceived ideas of what is possible.

Having self-released albums, creating art and music videos along with their own lighting rigs for gigs, the band have now found a new home to release their 4th album through. Originally from Long Island, New York the band released Centralia in 2007 they toured with Pig Destroyer in 2008 and then Gojira in 2009, before self-releasing w˄w˄˄w˄w in 2012 and then they toured with Meshuggah in 2014.

Meta was released in 2016 and toured with Gojira, Tesseract and The Dillinger Escape Plan before heading back to Europe with Gojira before headlining their own European tour and then returning to America to support Animals as Leaders and Periphery.

All the experience gained with touring with a range of bands have allowed Car Bomb to create even more abstract music that is impossible to place a genre label on it. The intro alone will have some confused with the morphing tones before ‘Fade Out’ bring the chaos with colliding guitars, switching vocals, a pace that has its own mind and a sound that is extremely intelligently put together to create something that not only sounds like anything musical, but make it enjoyable.

The randomness of the sounds truly makes this and stand out, as electronics are thrown in with low guitars, crashing drums and the sound of Technical Djent. Then ‘Dissect Yourself’ arrives and includes sounds of the arcade to mess the mind up further and ensure that full attention is on the small details that make this album even more complex than may be noticed on the first listen.

The 12 tracks that make up Mordial, may appear as completely random and messed up, however it is a true work of art that I can only image a very cleaver mind has thought up and even more talented musicians have managed to create a structure and then the music to match the vision.

Mordial is not an easy listening album, it will confuse and question what you think you know about music as Car Bomb leave your brain in a mush of shrapnel, however if you give this a go, trust me you will be blown away.

Ed Ford

Mordial will be released September 27th 2019 via Holy Roar

Pr-order ‘Mordial’ from Holy Roar – HERE

Track List

1 Fade Out

2 Vague Skies

3 Scattered Sprites

4 Dissect Yourself

5 Xoxoy^

6 HeLa Lyrics

7 Blackened Battery Lyrics

8 Mordial*%

9 Eyecide

10 Antipatterns

11 Naked Fuse




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