Can’t Swim // Foreign Language // EP Review
Can’t Swim // Foreign Language // EP Review7
Can’t Swim // Foreign Language // EP Review7
Can’t Swim // Foreign Language // EP Review7
Can’t Swim // Foreign Language // EP Review7
Can’t Swim // Foreign Language // EP Review7
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Can’t Swim have been a steadily rising force within the realm of Metalcore and Post-Hardcore over the last couple of years: With their first two albums Fail You Again and This Too Won’t Pass building the band a respectable fanbase, it would be an understatement to say there’s an air of excitement around their newest EP Foreign Language

Upon starting the EP, listeners are instantly shown that the band’s sound is changing. The opening and title track, Foreign Language, is fifty-three seconds of pure old-school hardcore with abrasive vocals and instrumentals that just feel like a punch in the face while also bringing in Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara for the first of four features. Track 2, Filthy Rich, is the EP’s single, and has a great feature from Trash Talk’s Spencer Pollard. The song is yet more old-school Hardcore but with a groovy twist and a chorus that is reminiscent of most modern Metalcore, taking a more melodic approach. 

Track 3, SHOOT!, changes the formula up a bit, sounding similar to the likes of Slaves (The UK 2-piece) due to the drum-heavy approach of the song. Track 4 is where the new sound truly shines through though. Power manages to blend the groovy hardcore instrumentals with breakdowns I can see crowds going wild to live, as well as featuring one of my favorite vocalists in modern music, Frank Carter. This song is a must-hear. 

Track 5, Sour, sounds like a 2019 punk rock anthem, this is mostly due to the feature of Drew Dijorio though. His feature pulls this song up from getting lost in the EP to being my highlight of the release. Track 6, Prick, is more of what came before, with more aggressive riffs, a groove carrying the track forward and another great breakdown to finish the song and EP up by bringing everything full circle with elements of their earlier work thrown in too. 

From the moment the EP starts, it’s obvious that Can’t Swim are trying something new with Foreign Language. With the influence of the sound being in the worlds of Punk and Hardcore, this EP isn’t going to be for everyone. It’s rare a band comes out and changes their sound so drastically in the space of a year, so while I recommend checking Foreign Language out, make sure you go into the release with an open mind.




Daniel Stapleton


Track listing
1. Foreign Language (feat. Adam Lazzarra)
2. Filthy Rich (feat. Spencer Pollard)
4. Power (feat. Frank Carter)
5. Sour (feat. Drew Dijorio)
6. Prick
Can’t Swim is: Chris LoPorto (lead vocals), Mike Sanchez (guitar), Danny Rico (guitar), Greg McDevitt (bass) and Michael Sichel (drums). The band calls Keansburg, New Jersey home.
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