Canadian rock powerhouse FORTUNATE LOSERS have released their new EP ‘Tidal Waves’, out now through Golden Robot Records and featuring their recent singles ‘Fascist’ and title track ‘Tidal Waves’.

LISTEN: Stream/buy the Tidal Waves EP HERE

Diving deep into various rock genres, radiating vibes of Alice In Chains, Filter, Bush and Led Zeppelin, the EP also includes two other monster tracks Lost City and Knuckles.
Signed in late 2019 to Golden Robot Records (part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group), FORTUNATE LOSERS released their first single Tidal Waves back in March. Tidal Waves is a soaring rock track highlighted by the Richard Patrick-esque vocals of Devon Cox. Winding its way through an intricate and atmospheric yet authentic rock journey, it will drag you along for the ride.

Powered by their first, full-length album, Cut Teethreleased in 2018, FORTUNATE LOSERS have been slugging in the trenches in their Mining town home of Sudbury, Ontario whilst widening their fan base by hitting larger centres like Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa and have not been shy to load up the trailer and hit the Canadian highways.  Their Send Help tour in 2019 took the boys into Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, bringing their sound to some of the most solid rock audiences in the country.

 Cut Teeth gave them the opportunity to share summer stages with Canadian heavy hitters like Billy Talent, Big Wreck, Monster Truck and The Trews over the last couple of years.
The band was formed by versatile vocalist and guitarist Devon Cox and bassist Brent Boileau.  Along the way they added guitarist Brad Giffenand drummer Alex Wheeler, who bring a youthful energy, new fire, pounding beat and fresh ideas to FORTUNATE LOSERS – all the more reason to be excited about the band’s future.

Sudbury is a city anchored in rock and FORTUNATE LOSERSepitomises that grit and energy with a live show that exudes a hard-working, blue collar vibe. The FORTUNATE LOSERS bandwagon is filling up fast these days, but there’s always room for one more honorary Loser.

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