Canadian 5 Piece Pop-Punk-Easycore Outfit The Interrogation Catch Up With Rock ‘N’ Load & Talk About Their Latest Releases

Canadian 5 Piece Pop-Punk-Easycore

The Interrogation

Outfit Catch Up With Rock ‘N’ Load


 So for anyone unfamiliar with The Interrogation tell us a little bit about your backstory and how you ended up here. 

TT: Thanks for Having Me.  My name is Thom Turner songwriter/guitarist and bandleader of The Interrogation.  We are a 5 piece Pop punk/ Easycore outfit hailing from Vancouver Canada.  Along with myself, we have Nik Eason on drums, Ridge Bernosky on guitar,  our live vocalist James Kang and our bassist A.J. Piszcz on bass.  In actuality, we are an international band.  I and our vocalist James live in Vancouver Canada while the rest of the boys are across the border in Washington state and NY state respectively.  Needless to say with the Canadian border closed and everything that is going on with Covid it is a difficult situation.  But, we have all worked in bands that are spread out before and it has not slowed us down a bit.  

  Our band began in earnest in the summer of 2019.   I was deep in grief from the passing of my mother in December 2018.  In our family music is everything.  The way we deal with every emotion is with songs.  So in my depression, I began to write the songs that would become The Interrogation.  After I had gotten them all demoed out I sent them to my good friend and engineer Kevin Billingslea (  to see if they were any good.  He got right back to me and he produced the recordings for our first EP.  

Seeing as how my mother was the catalyst for all the music I have made, decided I needed to make the project into a real band.  So I got a hold of the guys and we began to rehearse and make ready for summer tour season.  Of course, that is not an option now but we are still actively putting together so many things for our fans.

 What’s Happening Now: Tell us about what you are currently up to.

TT:  We have released two singles “Kick It Off” and our current single “Summer Love (In Hell)” ( ) .  More importantly on September 25th our first EP “Posters on My Wall”, which includes these singles, will be available on all the streaming and downloading platforms!  We are very excited to share it all with you!



Apple Musiic:

What is next for you?

TT: We are working with Greg Burt at the Wavelink Agency to begin booking for 2021!  Our music is meant to be experienced alongside the crowd!  We make music that makes us want to move and be physically around other people.  Whatever that means going forward we want to be there!  Also we are in preproduction on our next two EP’s.  With all the normal touring set aside for the time being we are taking advantage of all this time to produce!  

Give us a hint of your Influences & Inspiration

TT:  I have spent the last 20 years of my live as a musician.  I am odd in that I am also a Berklee College of Music graduate.  Music is all I can remember wanting to do.  For me the album that convinced me that being a songwriter and musician was what I was going to do was In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3.  When I first bought it I didn’t stop listening to the opening track  for months.  Claudio sets a stage and a story and makes everything as epic and engaging as possible.  He does all that and honestly portrays his personal emotions through all of it.  No matter how many shows ive played or music I hear, that album inspires me everyday to just keep going.  Make the art you are compelled to make and tell honest stories.  If you do that you will connect with someone.

In Keeping Secrets: 

“It is the sheer majesty and epicness of this opener and the entire record that kills me.  This was an emo band from NJ and all of a sudden this record drops and they had moved beyond.  It showed me you can tell a long form and yet personal story with immense riffage!”

If you can supply us with a YouTube link for the track so I can post the video in the feature, and give me a quote as to why this particular artist captured your imagination and influenced or inspired you to want to follow suit.




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