The Story Changes (Mark McMillon and Christopher Popadak of Hawthorne Heights and Chris Serafini of The Stereo) Delve Into Conspiracy Theories while Paying Tribute to 90’s Alt Rock Videos in New Clip/Single “Crying Wolf”

Can You Spot All The Clues?

New LP ‘To Hell With This Delicate Equation’ April 26

“An emo classic? You’ve got it.”- Substream Magazine

The Story Changes - To Hell With this Delicate Equation - Hi-Res

The Story Changes is debuting a new song and music video (“Crying Wolf”) today. The song appears on the band’s upcoming LP ‘To Hell With this Delicate Equation’ out April 26 (vinyl, CD and digital/streaming services) via Ohio-based Magnaphone Records.

Mark McMillon (alos of Hawthorne Heights) calls the video a “tribute to all of the great collage/stop animation style videos from the 90’s alternative music scene.”

He adds, “‘Crying Wolf’ is about picking apart all of the information in front of you and making your own conclusions. What is real and what are lies? We have littered the video with plenty of our favorite conspiracy theory symbolism. Can you spot all of the Easter Eggs?”

Check out the video on The Noise:

Stream the song on Spotify

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Album pre-orders have launched at:

1st pressing vinyl info:
100 Red w/ black smoke
100 Clear w/ black smoke
100 Black w/ white splatter

Featuring members of Hawthorne Heights (Mark McMillon and Christopher Popadak) and The Stereo (Chris Serafini), Dayton, Ohio natives The Story Changes’ newest album ‘To Hell With this Delicate Equation’ is an energetic blend of late 90’s/early 2000’s emo, modern rock, and a moody aggressiveness that supplies a gritty edge in all the right places.

The album was mixed by longtime friend Jamie Woolford (Gin Blossoms, The Smoking Popes, Punchline).

The Story Changes - Square Light - Hi-Res

Embracing their DIY upbringing, the band spent their blocks of time home in between tours throughout 2018 building a new studio in McMillon’s (vocals/guitar) home and recording the album there free from distractions and any sort of deadline. The singer explains, “For me, it was really important to take our time on this record and work on it over the last year when we had pockets of time that didn’t feel rushed. Building the studio here and recording it at home was both scary and exhilarating. Once we got past the initial fear of doing it ourself, it was completely freeing and an absolute rush.”

With that freedom came the extra time to dive in and experiment more than ever. McMillon notes: “I really wanted to try some different approaches with my voice on these songs and had a lot of fun layering my normal singing voice with additional whispers, screaming, and everything in between.” The “whisper effect”, as it has become dubbed by band, adds a sort of haunting effect that becomes a theme throughout the album and ties many of the songs together. The addition of screaming in select moments also helps to drive the album even further. The end result is twelve songs of honest, energetic, moody and aggressive rock that make ‘To Hell With this Delicate Equation’ sound equally at home in both 2019 and 1999.

Standout tracks like “Shooting Stars”, “Crying Wolf”, “Golden Age”, and “Shake” incorporate The Story Changes’ sound from their fan favorite 2013 LP ‘Static and Trembling’, but with a slightly more aggressive tone and added confidence.

Upcoming shows:

APR 19 The Fremont- Des Moines, IA

APR 20 Wake n Bake Breakfast Company- Burlington, IA

APR 21 Nightshop- Bloomington, IL

APR 26 Omega Music (Free Acoustic Set + Album Listening Party)- Dayton, OH

MAY 10 CRAFT & VINYL- Columbus, OH

MAY 11 Yellow Cab Tavern- Dayton, OH

The Story Changes

Mark McMillon – Vocals, guitar

Christopher Popadak – Drums, percussion

Chris Serafini – Bass, vocals


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