“I was just blown away by their songs and the structure and the push and pull of their music” 
– Albert Hammond Jr., The Strokes“Electrifying… Calva Louise are getting us all excited”

“There’s a lot more to Calva Louise than meets the eye” 
– Clash

Photo Credit: Bobby Bentham

Kaleidoscopic alt-trio CALVA LOUISE announce their signing to FRKST – an imprint of 300 Entertainment (Megan Thee Stallion, The Hunna, Young Thug) created by Highly Suspect frontman Johnny Stevens. In addition, they’ve shared a taste of what’s to come in the form of new single Trial – an anthemic and oscillating three-minute exploration of self-identity.

The stunningly cinematic video for Trial was filmed by CALVA LOUISE in lockdown on an iPhone, with vocalist Jess Allanic adding in her own animation. Speaking of the visual concept, she says, “A storm of lightning and meteorites points to wanton destruction. A person runs carefree and fearless until she finds her own image trapped in a holographic false reality, becoming aware that she is inside a human-scale video game where her capacity for submission is put to the test. Upon realizing that all is a projection, the game ends. Only confusion could induce her to restart the trial, unless she dares to break out of that sordid game. This is the game of any society that imposes incoherent rules, in fact, this is as absurd as the Kafkaesque Trial”.

The track is a homage to Bohemian novelist Franz Kafka’s best-known novel ‘The Trial’ (written between 1914-1915, and published in 1925). It tells the story of protagonist Josef K., who is arrested and prosecuted by a hidden authority, with the nature of his crime unknown to neither him or to the reader.

Calva Louise – Trial

With roots in Venezuela, France and New Zealand, the trio crossed paths in London during 2016, forming CALVA LOUISE and immersing themselves in the UK’s burgeoning music scene. Highlights include support to Razorlight and The Blinders. Their music encompasses a sound as eclectic as their nationalities – clanging indie, dark pop, hypnotic electronica, frenzied punk, dosed with a healthy influence of 80s Sci-Fi soundtracks and visuals. It’s a molotov cocktail that really works, with plaudits from BBC Radio 1, DIY, Clash, Radio X, and Albert Hammond Jr (The Strokes).

FRKST label head Johnny Stevens had this to say about their signing, “Working with Calva Louise is a dream come true. Quite literally. I remember my booking agent being like “j- you gotta check out this fuckin band” and then proceeding to blast Calva Louise in the basement of his home in Atlanta, Georgia for the rest of the night. We were wasted so it wasn’t a true measure but it at least we had a blast. We decided to take them out on tour in the UK last spring and that was when I saw God. It had been years since I had felt so inspired by a band that was opening up for me.. I was actually intimidated to play after them.. It was a feeling I needed. I’m usually fucking off somewhere before my set time but I watched these kids every night. One night we went out for drinks and I told them about my plans to kick off a label. I honestly can’t even remember where that was but I wanna say we were in Berlin. We talked all night about how once I got the infrastructure in place for FRKST they would be the first band I’d want on the team. We all just knew it felt right but it was still only a dream.. well.. here we are 7 months later no longer dreaming”.

Roaring with ambition, CALVA LOUISE are set to scale new heights. Further news to come soon.

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