Calva Louise // Popurrí // EP Review

Ambient Dark-Pop Electronica trio Calva Louise are back with their mesmerizing new EP Popurrí.

A short but sweet collection of three tracks that embody everything that is Calva Louise. An international affair, the trio represents Venezuela, France, and New Zealand. Bringing their very own unique and multi-talented strengths to this quirky sounding EP. 

Speaking of the EP, Jess says, “It’s often a bit of a challenge to explain our identity as a whole – we are a medley of cultures that can bring out the best in each other, creating something different. That’s what ‘Pop(urrí)’ is all about, the acceptance of our identity and that it is alright to feel different, we don’t need to belong somewhere to be somebody.”.

Right from the off you are propelled into the EP’s opening track bombarded in Electronica with ‘Camino’ with its pulsating rhythm and pounding baseline it demands your attention from the off. The delicate sounding vocals of Jess Allanic against the musical shock and awe is a really nice mix of musical styles colliding like waves crashing off the rocks it is a mesmerizing thing that you simply cannot take your eyes or ears away from. 

The track builds to an Electronic crescendo before closing out with haunting keyboard and vocals and you just kinda sit back and catch your breath, not for long though as you are thrust into track two ‘I Wish’ which once again with its air-raid siren opening announces its arrival before you get pummelled again and again but its crazy beautiful fusion. I have always had Calva Louise on my register, firstly as they always have the most intriguing visuals that draw you in, and even before you hear their music you know you’re kinda sold already. The music does not disappoint. Let me honest, this is not my musical bag normally but it is so well executed that you can’t help but admire what Calva Louise have done here you simply have to tip your hat to them for that. 

The succinct EP closes off with the title track Popurri, another savage track delivered in the only way Calva Louise know-how, full-on, balls-out, and in your face. 


Popurri Tracklist


I Wish 




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