Calmgrove // 'Light on Your End' // EP Review
Calmgrove // 'Light on Your End' // EP Review 8
Calmgrove // 'Light on Your End' // EP Review 8
Calmgrove // 'Light on Your End' // EP Review 8
Calmgrove // 'Light on Your End' // EP Review 8
Calmgrove // 'Light on Your End' // EP Review 8
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Calmgrove ​are here with a blend of their emo / Pop Punk greatness. With their debut, 5 track EP, ​Light On Your End​, the band picks up right where they last left us in 2018 when they traded us with a string of singles. While still being a relatively young band, the boys have managed to hit the spot and have found themselves on hit Spotify Playlists. Now with a full EP, they are ready to show us what they’re made of.

Right from the start, there is a feeling of warmth and homeliness as those of us who grew up listening to the great Emo bands at the height of the scene explosion can relate with. Right away there is that deep honesty and grit that gives off a resemblance of bands such as Hawthorne Heights​. The band manage to keep high energy through their melodies despite having that darker tone that overrides. The chorus on “Burn” is the perfect example of this as it moves from the darker slower melody into a much more energetic sound that brings that Pop Punk edge. This continues through the EP where we get a larger injection of that Pop Punk sound while still keeping the darker sound of the Emo vibe. “Misery” is a great example of this as it pulls that fast beat that is typically found with bands such as ​Boston Manor​. The blend of the two styles works perfectly for the band and they really seem to have honed in on what makes their sound theirs.

The EP itself shows a lot of promise for this Californian band which is sure to take Calmgrove​ to new heights as they progress. They are reminiscent of those days where heavy black eyeliner and big hair made a home and the term “rawr” was everywhere. However, they don’t stick in the past as they bring a modern version of that sound to us. Having already made an initial wave of interest they are the ones to keep your eye on and see what else they have to offer us.






  1. Shade
  2. Misery
  3. Give and Take
  4. Burn
  5. Sound Asleep




Calmgrove is:
Eric Guzman – Vocals
Tommy Maung – Guitar
Daniel Alvarado – Guitar
Sean Gonzales – Bass
Nolan Hernandez – Drums


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