CALL TO THE FAITHFUL (  ) are back with a new single, Demons, on Friday 22nd May. All proceeds from the track will go to mental health charities, as part of UK Mental Health Awareness week (18-24th May). The guys have a sturdy and intriguing alt-rock sound and with in mind, we asked the band for their top six tracks:

“1. Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name (

RATM embody a lot of what we want to set out to achieve as a band. Songs like this transcend music and are as much about political and social commentary and we want to use our creativity to highlight the issues we see in the world.

    1. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Modern Ruin (

The guitar sound is really tight and aggressive, but it’s a type of aggression that is different and more percussive with a complex and interesting melody as the driving force behind it and that’s something we try to emulate in our own way.

    1. Mongol Horde – Blistering Blue Barnacles (

Before we wrote our debut single, ‘Ultraviolet Wasteland’ this song popped up in one of our Spotify release radar playlists and we sat and listened to it together at practice and it just ignited something in us – within hours we had the majority of UVW written inspired by this sound.

  1. Enter Shikari – Rabble Rouser (

The contrast between calm and simple melodies to the chaotic nature of other sections of the song are really inspiring for us. Enter Shikari are a band we really look up to and our first two singles incorporated some electro-synth elements that I would say were influenced by their style.

  1. Papa Roach – Last Resort (

For our vocalist Matt, this was the song that made him want to make music. That legendary guitar riff married with the punchy and meaningful subject matter together in an iconic video. Everyone who felt like they didn’t fit in related to this song at the time and we hope that we can make music that people can connect with and relate to in a similar way.

  1. Sleep Token – The Offering (

The way that Sleep Token write and form the rhythm section of their songs is insane. The ballads and melodies are spot on, but it’s the rhythm section that make them just about the most exciting act coming through right now. The introduction of the drums in this song in the off-beat are a big influence on Will’s drumming style.”

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