Call In Dead Debut New Single Titled “Patriarchy”

Call In Dead are set to release a new single entitled “Patriarchy” (see Punknews premiere). The fiery new single is available on the band’s Bandcamp page now, and everywhere on Friday!
The band is made up of four veteran punk rockers, one from DC, and the other three from FL. With the oldest at 47 and the youngest at 31, they bring their different music experiences and styles together to make a sound that should be familiar to fans of hardcore punk while also giving it the uniqueness that comes from blending their past together into the present. Fitting on shows with pop punk bands, old school hardcore bands, psychobilly bands and metal bands is just one example of how it’s been difficult to pin down the answer to the perennial question: What band do you sound like? Four years into playing shows they have released a CD EP, The EP, via Violent Breed Records, a set of digital singles, a live split 7” with 2AMature via DCxPC Live and a forthcoming full-length vinyl album, Deepest Condolences, via Wrecking Crew Records. The band’s first tour was canceled due to Covid, but they’ve used that time to put on various live streams, start a record label (DCxPC Live), raise over $2,000 for mental health and for the LGBTQ Center of Central Florida, plus get voted Best Punk Band in Orlando by Orlando Weekly readers in 2020 and 2021!
In the nascent stages of the band we were still searching for a guitarist to replace Chris who had moved far enough away that he briefly quit the previous incarnation of the band. One brief potential guitarist had texted that we should all go to a Darkest Hour show, but like the aging punks we are, we all said we had work in the morning. He responded to “Call in Dead”. Since we have all spent time in jobs where we have felt like we’d rather be dead than go to work, we thought it was a perfect name.
The first full length, Deepest Condolences, is being released by Wrecking Crew Records and will be out in the fall. It features their original singer, Jaeh Peck, but they have just released a digital single, Patriarchy, with their new singer, Ripley, and they are stoked to record more songs and to play live and let people hear how dope the band sounds now with a female vocalist.
Call in Dead has shared the stage with national touring acts Iron Reagan, Doyle, The Virus, The Casualties, Bloodlet, The Gutter Demons, and more. Shows with Field Day and Pro-Pain were canceled due to Covid. As shows returned in 2022 they have played with Black Tusk, Year of the Fist, Koffin Kats, and Escape from the Zoo. With several more shows lined up for the spring, and a tour booked for the summer, they are ready to crank that shit up again!
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