California Death Thrashers MADROST Release Official Video for “Charring The Rotting Earth”

California Death Thrashers MADROST Release Official Video for “Charring The Rotting Earth”
Southern California death thrashers MADROST have released the official video for the title track from 2020 album Charring The Rotting Earth. The video was directed by Tsunami Films.
“Charring the Rotting Earth” (Official Video):
MADROST released Charring The Rotting Earth on September 25, 2020 via No Life Til Metal Records. Streaming and purchase links are below.
YouTube (album stream):
Vinyl LP (pre-order):
“What a tremendous jewel the Americans have made! This is perfect.” (10/10)
– Broken Tomb Magazine
“Bringing together clockwork precision and retro-minded lasting appeal, Charring the Rotting Earth progresses Madrost’s sound without straying from the righteous path of death thrash destruction.”
– Invisible Oranges
“Charring The Rotting Earth is a complete stroke of brilliance. One of the stronger thrash albums of 2020!”
– Skullfacturing Metal
“Madrost are one of those bands where you listen to their album and wonder what in the absolute fuck they were on when they made it. Just go ahead and give this album a fucking spin. You’ll enjoy it.”
– Last Rites
“With an aggressive sound and a matured understanding of their own style, Madrost has never sounded better.”
– Wicked Metal Review
“A perfect 5 out of 5. This album is a must have for 2020.”
– Breaking Necks Metal Blog
“Charring The Rotting Earth is modern tech-thrash at its finest and also Madrost’s most accomplished work thus far.” (4/5)
– Grater
“Charring the Rotting Earth features rollicking thrash riffage and vocals firmly wound around a core of death metal sensibilities and rhythms that build even further upon the strength of past works. Thrash ‘n Death monster.” (90/100)
– Hated One Metal Reviews
“MADROST deliver a veritable firework of surprises on Charring The Rotting Earth. Every lover of technically demanding Thrash / Death Metal gets their money’s worth.” (8.5/10)
– Route 666
“Madrost have pushed into some brilliant and self-refreshing territory on this fourth full-length. This makes for a charming and often lyrically savage modern thrash metal record.” (8/10)
– Grizzly Butts
Pushing beyond the boundaries of the band’s 2017 release The Essence of Time Matches No FleshCharring the Rotting Earth is an ambitious step in a more progressive direction. Guitarist / vocalist Tanner Poppitt comments, “‘Charring the Rotting Earth’ is the next dimension of our continued growth. Musically expanding on the foundation that we have developed within the last few years and incorporating new dynamics and elements, we continue to push ourselves and offer the listener a new experience with each MADROST album.”
Track Listing:
1- The Serpent’s Quest
2- To Prevail the Wicked
3- Dying Thoughts
4- Impossible Dreams
5- A Violent End to Life
6- Pulverized
Charring the Rotting Earth was produced and recorded by MADROST, mixed and mastered by Hannes Grossman and features artwork by Tony Koehl. Keyboards on Charring the Rotting Earth by Sam Meador (Xanthochroid).
Founded in the summer of 2007, MADROST is a Southern California based progressive death thrash act with a focus on precision songwriting and energetic diverse approach to their sound. Influenced by the likes of Metal Church, Death, ELP, Believer, Exhumed and Iron Maiden, the band has transformed from the simplistic death thrash style to incorporating a wide range of other instruments and time signatures into their version of extreme metal.
With the release of 2012’s Maleficent album, the world had gained a small taste of what was to come for the bands overall sound and career. A standard death thrash style album, but was only further developed with 2014’s sophomore release Into the Aquatic Sector. The same year, the band had been on a few tours and was starting to gain more support within the metal scene world wide. It wasn’t until 2017’s The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh that the band really saw a huge jump in popularity. Incorporating more of a progressive element into their sound and getting reviewed by such magazines as Decibel, the band had really come together and found their sound.
2020’s Charring the Rotting Earth saw MADROST not only working with No Life Til Metal Records for the first time, but the band was not afraid to incorporate more symphonic elements into their sound. With the help of keyboardist Sam Meador (Xanthochroid) making a huge presence on the album, the band is on the pathway to a new sound that is sure to be remembered and taken to the next level.
Tanner Poppitt: Vocals and Guitar
Necro Nick: Guitar
Richard Orellana: Vocals and Bass
Mark Rivas: Drums
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