Burzum // Thulean Mysteries // Album Review
Burzum // Thulean Mysteries // Album Review7
Burzum // Thulean Mysteries // Album Review7
Burzum // Thulean Mysteries // Album Review7
Burzum // Thulean Mysteries // Album Review7
Burzum // Thulean Mysteries // Album Review7
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Varg Vikernes is back with the latest offering under the name of Burzum. There will be few people who follow Black Metal, who will be unaware of the story of Vikernes, however, in a nutshell, he served 15 years of a 21-year prison sentence for the murder of the Mayhem guitarist Euronymous and also the arson of three churches. This was in the dangerous time of Black Metal and whilst in Prison Vikernes wrote two books which endorsed neo-Nazi views and included rants around Jews and Muslims.

Vikernes founded Burzum in 1991 and the first four albums were recorded between January 1992 and March 1993, prior to his incarceration and whilst serving his sentence he recorded two albums using synthesizers only, due to the lack of access to instruments. Vikernes was released in 2009 and further albums continued however in 2013 the song ‘Back to the Shadows’ was released with Vikernes stating that it would be the last Metal track to be released by Burzum.

So what does that mean for Thulean Mysteries? Well, it doesn’t take long after pressing play to realize that this selection of 23 tracks does not see Vikernes go back on his word as ‘The Sacred Wall’ is a mellow and calming track that has a dark ambiance surrounding it. It conjures up images of loneliness and despair that continue through the album, as there are few words throughout the release, leaving space for your mind to wander into some of the darkest places you thought possible.

Some of the tracks are quite short, but they all feel like they flow into the next and it is quite hypnotic how the tracks make you feel. Don’t get me wrong, this is no Black Metal however it is dark and thought-provoking in a different way. The synthesizers and mellow sounds created are minimalistic and have the feeling of ambient folk sounds that talk to the subconscious and engage the mind in a different way than the music Burzum was originally known for.

If you were hoping for a Black Metal album then the 98-minute album will catch you off guard and may disappoint, however, if you listen to this with an open mind, accept that it is not a Metal album at all then allow yourself t be immersed in the sounds created, it is actually quite dark and eerie as it allows the space for your mind to think.

Ed Ford


Thulean Mysteries is released March 6th via Byelobog Productions.


Track List

  1. The Sacred Well
  2. The Loss of a Hero
  3. Forebears
  4. A Thulean Perspective
  5. Gathering of Herbs
  6. HJeill auk Saell
  7. Jotunnheimr
  8. Spell-Lake Forest
  9. The Ettin Stone Heart
  10. The Great Sleep
  11. The Land of Thulean
  12. The Lord of the Dwarves
  13. A Forgotten Realm
  14. Heill Odinn Sire
  15. The Ruins of Dwarfmount
  16. The Road to Hel
  17. Thulan Sorceryl
  18. Descent into Niflheimr
  19. Skin Traveller
  20. The Dream Land
  21. Thulean Mysteries
  22. The Password
  23. The Loss of Thule


CD: http://bit.ly/BYE013CD
Clear Vinyl: http://bit.ly/BOBV785LPLTD
Standard Vinyl: http://bit.ly/BOBV646LP

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